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Siberian Husky

Information On The Siberian Husky The Siberian Husky is one of the parent breeds of the Pomsky. While their size is often closer to their Pomeranian parent Pomskies usually look more like their Siberian Husky side. Today I'm going to go the Husky's history, appearance, behavior, temperament, size, and health information. The initial origin of [...]

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Siberian Husky Colors

The 5 Main Siberian Husky Colors The Pomsky can thank most of its markings and coat colors to his or her's Siberian Husky parent. This article is going to go over the 5 main Siberian Husky colors and their variations. Let's dig in. Introduction If the Siberian Husky is your favorite breed of dog, you [...]

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Sled Dogs

Information on the Different Breeds and Jobs of Sled Dogs Since the Siberian Husky is a parent breed of the Pomsky I decided to go over their most popular job. Huskies and other breeds make great sled dogs. This article will go over this important dog job in detail. Lets get started. What Are Sled [...]

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Are Pomskies Real?

Popular Puppy Question - Are Pomskies Real? In recent years there has been a new hybrid dog that everyone is talking about. It is a smaller dog on average around 15-25 lbs. This breed is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. People often timesĀ ask "Are Pomskies Real?". The Pomsky is a [...]

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