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5 Tips To Save Money On Dog Training

Here Are 5 Tips To Save Money On Dog Training Some of us have trouble getting our dog trained by ourselves. We either lack the knowledge or experience to properly train our pet. Dog training is not only great for puppies but can help any dog with certain issues. Today we've put together these 5 [...]

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How to Lower Your Dog’s Anxiety

Here Are Some Great Tips On How To Lower Your Dog's Anxiety Our four legged friends can often go through some really hard times. We as owners try to find effective ways to deal with dog anxiety. Canine fear and stress signs can be shown many different ways. Drooling, licking lips, trembling, freezing in place, [...]

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What Do Dogs Think About?

Ever Wonder What Do Dogs Think About? When it comes to Man's Best friend we often wonder what our furry little counterparts are thinking. So when asked what do dogs think about the answer is a great many things. Today we'll be going over dog's emotions, cognitive development and other brainy tid bits about our [...]

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Dogs and Cats: Introducing a Dog to a Cat

Introducing a Dog to a Cat Ahh...the age old tale of cats and dogs. These two species can sometimes get along very well together and sometimes...well can't. Sometimes it is the personality of each animal and other times they fight like cats and dogs (I couldn't resist). Today we are going to go over different approaches when introducing [...]

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