Here Are The Best 10 Dog Mansions Available

Long time dog lovers know there’s little an owner won’t do for their furry friend. Whether Pekinese, Pomsky, Maltese, Chihuahua, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, or any breed our beloved canines are so much more than pets. So, it’s easy to understand why some dog owners go the extra mile to please their pooches. They’re family members that deserve the best dog mansions available.

The latest trend in luxury animal products is the dog mansion. These supersized, super opulent dog houses are a major upgrade on standard outdoor shelters and kennels. With everything from multi-stories to picket fences, window shutters, and even swimming pools in some cases, dog mansions are the ultimate luxury for pets.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t come cheap. Though these lavish dog houses are available in a broad variety of shapes and sizes. Some are minimalistic and more about creating a safe space for a dog that can be painted and decorated in any way an owner desires. Other products are fully formed and come with porches, balconies, and eaves just like a real home.

The right dog mansion for your pet will depend on budget and the size of shelter your yard can safely accommodate. The size of your dog is also important. Think carefully about their habits and which features they’ll find most useful. Do they like to lounge in the sun or keep cool in the shade? Are they likely to gnaw at the mansion’s materials? Are they the sole occupant or will other pets be sharing the home?

These questions will help you find the perfect pad for your best bud. To give you some inspiration, here is our guide to the top ten dog mansions currently on the market.

1. MDYYD Outdoor Wooden Dog Mansion

MDYYD Outdoor Wooden Dog Mansion

MDYYD Outdoor Wooden Dog Mansion

The MDYYD Outdoor Wooden Dog Mansion is a self-contained outdoor shelter with an authentic front door, small wooden deck and raised platform for food bowls. It is made from sturdy cedar wood that is rot-resistant and tolerant of wind, rain, and strong sunshine. Regardless of the weather forecast, your dog can shelter comfortably in this roomy house.

Standout features include a lift open compartment with a latch for storing dog food. It’s positioned next to the mansion’s wooden feeding station to ensure mealtimes always go smoothly. The small wooden door opens and closes on a standard hinge. It can be easily secured with a latch any time you want to keep pets out.

While there are no windows on this dog mansion, there is an open panel on the door for ventilation. The only downside to this MDYYD Outdoor Dog Mansion is the door size. It’s significantly smaller (410mm or 16.14 inches approx.) than the total height of the shelter (1050mm or 41.34 inches approx.). This may discount some larger dog breeds who can fit inside the house itself but not through the doorway. Make sure your pet is compatible with this home’s dimensions before buying it.

2. MDYYD Outdoor Cedar Dog House

MDYYD Outdoor Cedar Dog House

MDYYD Outdoor Cedar Dog House

This magnificent MDYYD Outdoor Cedar Dog House is a luxury upgrade on the standard outdoor dog kennel. It is beautifully painted to resemble a small cabin-type home complete with a latching front door and side window. The design of this dog mansion makes it suitable for use as both an outdoor play area and a secure kennel (for short periods).

It’s a reasonably large structure which stands at a maximum height of 105cm (Approx. 3.44 ft). You can choose the dimensions that best suit your pet. The smallest version of this cedar mansion stands at 65cm (Approx. 2.13 ft). For larger dogs, there is a 76cm (Approx. 2.49 ft) and an 89cm (Approx. 2.92 ft) option as well. When shopping, always remember to factor in the height of the door.

The shelter may be 88cm (Approx. 2.92 ft) tall, but is its door the same size or smaller? In this case, the door is significantly shorter than the height of the roof. Keep this in mind when choosing specifications for your dog. One great feature about this shelter is it’s raised off the ground and, therefore, impervious to damp and rot.

3. Lyntop Dog Villa with Enclosure

Lyntop Dog Villa with Enclosure

Lyntop Dog Villa with Enclosure

Lyntop Dog Villa with Enclosure

The Lyntop Dog Villa with Enclosure is designed for smaller dogs and puppies as it is constructed in a style similar to a garden rabbit house. For this reason, it’s ideal for keeping young dogs occupied and safe when out in a spacious yard. It has the traditional ‘run’ design with a roofed shelter connected to an enclosed play area.

The idea is that you can keep puppies or smaller dogs in the shelter without constant supervision because the outdoor run is latched. There is plenty of ventilation and natural light provided by the chicken wire fence. Owners can see through the fence and into the run to monitor their pet’s activities.

The interior of the roofed structure is raised right off the ground and has a mesh floor that allows dirt and grime to drop down onto a lower panel for collection. The result is a canine shelter that goes some way to maintaining itself. When it’s time to clean, shake off any cushions or bedding and pull out the lower panel to remove accumulated debris.

4. Red DEPRQ Dog Mansion with Enclosure

Red DEPRQ Dog Mansion with Enclosure

Red DEPRQ Dog Mansion with Enclosure

The Red DEPRQ Dog Mansion with Enclosure is an outdoor shelter designed for small canines and other small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It’s a fairly diminutive house but it has been carefully constructed to give petite pets a variety of playing and lounging options. These include an enclosed outdoor run (with a ramp) and a roofed shelter raised above the ground.

The floor panel of the roofed dog shelter can be pulled out for cleaning. It is topped with a mesh netting that allows debris to fall through and collect on the removable board. At full height, the outdoor structure stands at 930mm or 36.61 inches approx. tall (measured to the tip of its roof). Yet, the roofed house itself is only 215mm or 8.46 inches approx. in height because it sits on top of open-air play space.

The roofed shelter is accessed via a ramp which is also enclosed and self-contained within the structure. Even with all the doors closed and latched, an owner can easily see what their pet is doing. This makes it a great playhouse for puppies and small dogs who cannot freely roam in a yard.

5. MDYYD Outdoor Weatherproof Wooden Dog House

MDYYD Outdoor Weatherproof Wooden Dog House

MDYYD Outdoor Weatherproof Wooden Dog House

The MDYYD Outdoor Weatherproof Wooden Dog House is an outdoor shelter for small dogs and puppies. While it’s quite simple inside, it provides a warm and covered enclosure away from the elements. It is roomy enough for a small canine to easily turn around and sleep comfortably inside.

With two small windows – one that opens via a hinged shutter – this dog house is well ventilated and lets in some light. The door can be latched shut and fully secured when unoccupied or if a dog needs to be left confined for short periods. The only problem with this is the windows are very small. Even if both windows are left open, it may still be dark inside so avoid leaving pets ‘locked’ in where possible.

The roof of the house is surrounded by a low fence which makes it suitable for use as a raised deck. Although, with no indoor access (such as a ramp or stairs), it may be difficult for small dogs to reach without assistance. You might need to manually lift a pet on and off. This MDYYD Dog House is made from rot-resistant cedar and raised off the floor to avoid damp and mold penetration.

6. PawHut Wooden Large Dog Mansion with Porch

PawHut Wooden Large Dog Mansion with Porch

PawHut Wooden Large Dog Mansion with Porch

PawHut’s Wooden Large Dog Mansion with Porch is a luxurious shelter for dogs of varying shapes and sizes. It is suitable for small, medium, and large breeds as the entryways are reasonably broad and tall. Technically, this is two dog houses in one so it’s even more of a ‘mansion’ than it first appears.

There are two separate entryways and two interior spaces connected by an open doorway on the inside. However, there are no actual doors. Unlike similar dog houses, this canine mansion cannot be latched or secured. Thus, it is for supervised play only. Instead, the entryways are protected with a vinyl curtain. This keeps draughts, bugs, and rain out while allowing for maximum light and ventilation.

Other standout features include a roof that can be fully opened and lifted to expose the dog mansion’s interior. So, if you think the shelter needs more airflow on a particularly hot afternoon or you need to access its interior fast, you can quickly raise both sections. Lastly, the PawHut Wooden Large Dog Mansion has an outdoor deck for lounging in the sun.

7. Large Dog House Lodge with Deck

Large Dog House Lodge with Deck

Large Dog House Lodge with Deck

This Large Dog House Lodge with Deck from Boomer and George is a cozy, comfortable shelter for small and medium-sized breeds. Its design is simple but elegant with a spacious one-room interior and outdoor deck. While raised off the ground to ensure warmth and ventilation, the house is accessed via a single stair.

This makes it suitable for older dogs and pets with mobility problems as well as healthy canines. This lodge-style shelter would fit an aging dog rather well. There is no door, just a single wide entryway. The interior is plain but expertly varnished for robust moisture protection and weatherproofing.

The house is made from durable fir wood and has dark-colored accents to give it a sophisticated cabana or Swiss chalet-style aesthetic. Even though it’s one of the more understated products on our list, it has a distinct and stylish aesthetic. Rather than standing out as a dog kennel, it looks more like a garden playhouse.

8. Large Wooden Dog House with Spacious Enclosure

Large Wooden Dog House with Spacious Enclosure

Large Wooden Dog House with Spacious Enclosure

This Wooden Dog House is designed for larger dogs and can be used for supervised playing and as a kennel/crate when a dog is left unsupervised. The massive roofed enclosure is a comfy, cozy alternative to leaving your pet in a kennel (if they have behavior issues).

While it’s quite plain on the inside, it is exceptionally well made. The shelter is constructed from wood which traps heat and acts as a great insulator in cold weather. The roof is a beautiful red with an accented black design.

The entire dog house is covered with a roof with a screened in latched door. This extra security can help keep unwanted guests when your pup is done using the house or during the night. The pet house is raised off the ground to prevent moisture and further boost its insulating capabilities. Your pet deserves a dry area. In other words dog mansions should never be damp!

9. Comfortable Wooden Waterproof Dog Mansion with Balcony

Comfortable Wooden Waterproof Dog Mansion with Balcony

Comfortable Wooden Waterproof Dog Mansion with Balcony

As far as pet kennels go, it’s hard to find a higher quality product than this one. The Comfortable Wooden Waterproof Dog Mansion with Balcony is one of the best products on our list because it’s immediately obvious how much work has gone into its design. The downside is all this work gets reflected in the price tag. It’s also the most expensive dog mansion on our list.

Even a very large dog could fit inside or perhaps even two smaller pets. The dog mansion includes a spacious outdoor deck area that’s fully enclosed by security bars but still well ventilated as they don’t reach the roof. Instead, there’s an airflow gap around the deck to ensure plenty of light and oxygen.

The other half of the dog mansion is a covered enclosure for sleeping and resting. It has an impressively tall, broad roof and provides ample space for turning, fidgeting, rolling and anything else your pooch wants to get up to on a lazy afternoon. With a removable floor for easy cleaning, a hinged window shutter, and a waterproof top, there are few downsides to purchasing this house for your pampered pet.

10. Insulated Outdoor Wooden Dog Condo

Insulated Outdoor Wooden Dog Condo

Insulated Outdoor Wooden Dog Condo

This Insulated Outdoor Wooden Dog Condo is one of our favorite products due to its distinctive design. One thing you’ll notice about dog mansions and outdoor shelters is they usually stick with a fairly standard aesthetic. This dog condo has more of a Swiss chalet aesthetic with darker wood in a faux-distressed style.

It makes for a very interesting product and one that is guaranteed to look striking in a contemporary garden. The interior is simple and holds a single space that is ventilated by a window and an open entryway. There is a wooden flap positioned above the structure’s entryway which can be used as an awning. It just needs to be hooked open at either side.

The distinctive outer aesthetic is painted on with an environmentally friendly product. The manufacturer notes the enclosure is built with eco-friendly substances. It contains no formaldehyde, toxic chemicals, or anything that might cause harm to plants or animals. If eco credentials are important to you, this might be the right option for your pet.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Dog Mansion

Dog mansions and outdoor pet enclosures come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. The following features are useful for all animals. Keep an eye out for these when shopping for a luxury home for your dog.

Raised Floor

Where possible, opt for a dog house with a raised floor. Even if it’s only lifted off the ground by a centimeter, it will help to keep the interior warm. When a pet enclosure sits flush with the floor, there’s a risk of cold and moisture penetrating the base and causing damp or degradation of the wood.

Wooden Structure

Wood is the primary material used in these luxury dog houses. Some dog houses use plastic or metal as the main material which can cause potential issues. For a start, they absorb heat and cold much faster than wood. The comfort provided by metal and plastic houses, therefore, fluctuates according to outdoor temperatures.

Wood traps heat more effectively but doesn’t absorb it as efficiently as metal or plastic. In winter, it acts as an insulator. In summer, it heats up very slowly and does not become uncomfortably hot like a metal home definitely would. Plus, wood is extremely strong and proven to last for many years.

Best Dog House Materials

Best Dog House Materials

Open Windows

If you plan to enclose your canine inside an outdoor structure for any length of time, it must have suitable windows. They are essential for both light and ventilation. The majority of dog mansions don’t have conventional windows. There are no plastic or glass window panes. Instead, they use metal bars for security or leave the windows open to increase airflow. Whether you choose a basic dog house or a super opulent pet mansion, it should have at least one full window for healthy ventilation and to prevent odors.

The Final Word On Luxury Dog Mansions

The dog mansions and pet houses on our list were selected because they each offer something unique and interesting. Some focus on safety with latches and locks to ensure unsupervised play remains safe at all times. Others are more concerned with comfort and deliver spacious interiors and roomy decks for summer sunbathing.

Whatever dog house you choose, remember to check its dimensions carefully before purchasing it. Only use an enclosure for housing or entertaining a suitably sized pet. If introducing multiple pets to a single outdoor house, make sure each animal can be observed while inside.

Hopefully, this breakdown of the best dog mansions helps you find the ideal play space or enclosure for your furry friend.