Before You Buy a Pomsky

The Pomeranian Husky is a relatively small breed generally ranging from 15 to 25 lbs. This article will help you get a better understanding about this cute fluff ball. Some people only see a smaller version of a Husky but like any cross breed there will be traits of both. Lets go over some details about the breed that you should know before you buy a Pomsky.

What a Pomsky Looks Like

This designer dog has a double layered coat that is present in both its parents. This helps to protect them from arctic like temperatures. Their coat allows them to keep heat in but also makes them a breed not best for hot temperatures. The two parent breeds (in particular the Siberian Husky) can overheat in extreme conditions and should not be left outside in these climates.

They Are Rare

The Pomsky is a newer and trending breed. Like with anything else new and exciting there is a high demand. Higher demand and low availability equals higher prices. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Most of the times these higher prices also come with a certain amount of patience. On average most people will have to wait around 6 months before they can bring their Pomsky puppy home. These waiting list can even go as long as a year.


People have been so eager to get the Pomeranian Husky that they trust breeders they shouldn’t. It’s unfortunate but there are puppy scams out there. The most popular one in the Pomsky realm is a breeder will take a mix breed that “looks” like the cross breed but isn’t. Make sure you always do your homework when buying from a breeder you don’t know. Check our Pomsky Breeders section to view a list of breeders approved by the Pomsky Club of America.


The sire and dam’s temperament will be apparent in the puppy. Both the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian are very active and social. Pomskies pups are some of the most active and adventurous out there. This can lead to chewing and other behavioral problems if they aren’t getting enough mental and physical exercise. Great ways to exert their energy is walks and training. This way you can wear them out and keep them too busy to get into trouble. Like with any breed social interaction should be done at a young age. This will help your puppy be more interactive and open to new people.


When you are picking up your new Pomsky be sure and find out what kind of diet they have been on. It is important with any breed to change their diet over gradually. Use age appropriate food when selecting your new dog’s diet.


Pomskies are adventurous and full of life. They will require exercise and training from a young age. If you are patient, do your homework when shopping around, and pay attention to this breed’s specific needs you will have a forever friend that is also cute and cuddly. Always look out for scams and ask a lot of questions when looking for your future puppy. Be sure and check out All About Pomskies to find out more about them.