How Pomsky Breeding Is Usually Performed

The Pomsky breed is a cross between a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. These two breeds are typically very different in size. This prompts people to ask “how Pomsky breeding is usually performed?”. Siberian Huskies usually weigh between 20 and 60lbs and Pomeranians 4 to 8lbs. This makes traditional breeding practices unrealistic and at the very least unsafe. Pomsky breeding requires artificial insemination.

The Dam

The Dam (female) in the Pomsky artificial insemination process is always the Siberian Husky. This is because the combination of the breeds can result in puppies that might be too large for a Pomeranian to safely delivery.

The Sire

The Sire (male) is always the Pomeranian.

The Basics of Artificial Insemination

After the semen is collected from the Sire it is immediately deposited in front of the cervix of the Dam. This is done with a pipette which length is decided by the size of the dog.

The female is kept in a saw horse like stance for ten minutes. This flattens the vaginal vault and allows for easy insertion of the pipette. It is worth noting that the vaginal vault of a female dog is longer than most other mammals (to scale).

The end of the pipette is attached to a syringe. The other end is inserted into the vaginal vault of the female dog. During this process the female must remain standing. She is then kept from jumping or urinating for at least an hour.

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Success Rate

The success rate of artificial insemination for dogs varies depending on different factors.

  • How fresh is the semen?
  • The skill of the breeder performing the artificial insemenation
  • Was the semen chilled?

Fresh Semen Success Rate

59 to 80 Percent

Frozen Semen Success Rate

52 to 60 Percent

Traditional Breeding

The traditional breeding method is possible for Pomskies but extremely rare. There have been claims from some Pomsky breeders on successful traditional breeding between two Pomskies. Vaca Valley Pomskies are one of the Pomsky breeders who have been successful in breeding two Pomskies.

Traditional breeding is also unlikely due to most Pomskies coming with a spayed and neuter agreement. This is an agreement between the new owner and the breeder. The Pomsky puppy has to be spayed or neutered by six months. This agreement requires proof from a vet. Breeding rights are offered for $1,000 dollars from some breeders but most puppies are spayed or neutered.


We’ve gone over the basics on how Pomsky breeding is usually performed. Artificial insemination is the preferred method for Pomsky breeding. The succes rate of artificial insemination can vary but averages 52 to 60 percent depending on a number of factors.

It is possible for two Pomskies to naturally breed but this is rare. We hope this article was informative and for all your information on Pomskies please check back with us at Pomsky Pals.