The Meaning of Husky Pom Mix

The Pomsky dog breed has many different names. You’ll often hear “Pomsky” and “Pomeranian Husky” the most often. Occassionally you’ll hear the term Husky Pom Mix. This simply is another iteration of the other Pomsky terms.

The Husky Pom mix is a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky hybrid. The male is always the Pomeranian and the female is always the Siberian Husky. This is done for the safety of the Dam as the two breeds are very different in size.

Artificial Insemination

This process of artificial insemination is required in most Pomsky breeding. Artificial insemination lowers the stress and is more likely to lead to successful breeding of Pomsky puppies. You can find out more about the this process by clicking on the how to artificial inseminate a dog article.

Is the Pomsky An Official Breed?

The Pomsky is not (at the time of this post) recognized by the AKC. The Pomeranian Husky isn’t quite popular enough to be recognized as an official breed. Hopefully this cuddly breed will be welcomed into the AKC records before too long.

How Do I Buy a Pomsky?

The best way to buy a Pomsky is by going to a reputable breeder. You can check our Reputable Pomsky breeders to find an available Pomsky puppy. If you are looking for a Pomsky puppy make sure to do your homework.

There are breeders out there that sell “Pomskies” that aren’t really pure bred Pomskies. Always make sure they come with papers and check the reviews. You can also check our article on Questions to Ask When Buying a Pomsky. I recommend just sticking to the reputable Pomsky breeder lists.

Other Pomsky Considerations

This breed is growing in popularity and is reasonably difficult to find at times. Be patient when looking for a Pomsky puppy and take your time. If something doesn’t seem right about a breeder move on and keep looking. It is also VERY common to be put on a waiting list that requires a deposit. The cost of a Pomsky does vary from breeder to breeder but plan on Pomsky puppies being $1,500 to $5,000.

Typically Pomsky puppies are priced based on markings, coat quality, size, eye color and ratio. Common ratios are usually 50/50 and sometimes 75/25. The 75/25 ratio is often more expensive as the 75% Pomeranian makes the puppies smaller in size. Most Pomskies will be between 10-25lbs.


The Husky Pom mix is just another term for the Pomsky. If you want to buy a Pomeranian Husky be sure and buy from a reputable breeder. Often times there will be a puppy waiting list with a deposit required. Be sure to ask questions and be patient. The cost of the Pomsky puppy will be determined on coat quality, eye color, size, and ratio.

I hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of what the Husky Pom mix is and where to find one to bring home. For all your Pomsky puppies and breeder information be sure and check back with us at Pomsky Pals. Thanks for reading.