We Get This Question Often – How Much Is A Pomsky?

The Pomeranian Husky is a dog that isn’t officially recognized as a breed by itself. Since the breed hasn’t found its way into American Kennel Club recognition the pricing point of the Pomsky can be somewhat vague. Today we’ll cover the different pricing points we’ve found to best answer the question “How Much Is A Pomsky?”. We’ll go over the different breeders and features of the Pomsky that usually decide the final pricing point. Let’s get started.

What Goes Into Pomsky Puppy Pricing?


Since the Pomsky is still a mixed dog breed the sizes vary based on different factors. Size of the parents and ratio of the Pomsky puppy decide the final size.

Breeders use the ratio of a Pomeranian Husky to set a base for pricing. Like with most other breeds the smaller puppy is usually more expensive.

Pomsky puppy ratio is usually 50/50 (50% Pomeranian and 50% Siberian Husky) or 75/25 (75% Pomeranian and 25% Siberian Husky). 75/25 ratios are typically 10-15 lbs and the 50/50 average between 15-25 lbs.


Pomsky traits that are highly favorable will also make the puppy more expensive. While we think all Pomskies are beautiful certain markings, eye colors and coat quality often decide the final price. If a Pomeranian Husky puppy has two blue eyes and a perfect “mask” it is considered a highly desireable trait and will cost more. A puppy that has bi-colored eyes or brown eyes may make it less expensive.

The Two Factors Together

For this example we will use Apex Pomskies since they have been around longer than most of the other breeders and have detailed documentation. Apex Pomskies at the time of this post offers a range pricing of $2,000 to $4,000. Their puppies in the higher range are mostly 75/25 ratios that have the most desirable traits (two blue eyes, perfect markings and high coat quality). Lower pricing will be for a 50/50 Pomsky that may have brown eyes and be closer to the 20-25 lbs weight.

So How Much Are Pomskies On Average?

Based on the descriptions of our Pomsky Breeders we can say the average price of a pomsky puppy is between $1,500 and $5,000. All of the breeders currently on our website base their pricing on the formula of size and features with ratio considerations. Below I’ll be providing a quick overview of pricing for each breeder. For their full explanation of Pomsky pricing please visit each breeders page. There you will find more details about their process. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from them or want to get on their waiting list please visit their websites. Links on how to get in touch with our breeders is also provided on their page. Price ranges below:

Apex Pomskies

$2000 to $4000

Arctic Design Pomskies

$2000 to $5,000

Middle Tennessee Pomskies

$2,500 to $3,500

Northern California Pomskies

$1,800 to $3,500

Paramount Pomskies

$2,000 to $4,000

Patriot Pomskies

$2,500 to $3,500

Precious Pomskies

$2,500 to $4,000

Pure Pomskies

$2,000 to $3,500

Rose Peek Pomskies

$2,000 to $5,000

Smoky Mountain Pomskies

$2500 to $4,000

Note: At the time of this post these are the current Pomsky breeders listed on our site and their puppy prices. We are always adding new breeders and pricing for each breeder may be different than listed.

The Cost Of Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is usually required for the special breeding circumstances. Careful breeding practices are used to ensure low stress environments for the animals. Breeders of the Pomeranian Husky have the extra expense of artificial insemination. One of our breeders have successfully bred a Pomsky with a Pomsky but for the most part the standard breeding process is a female Siberian Husky and a male Pomeranian. This extra expense does make the pricing points higher than some of the other dog breeds.


As we can see the pricing of a Pomsky puppy is different from breeder to breeder but the foundation and formula is the same. We’ve listed some great qualified Pomsky breeders that we recommend you check out if you are interested in getting a Pomeranian Husky puppy. Remember each puppy is special and be sure to check back with Pomsky Pals for all of your Pomsky breeder updates and information.