Information on the Black Pomsky

Pomskies come in a variety of different colors. Typically their masks and markings are like the Siberian Husky. Black Pomskies are fairly common from the litters we’ve seen and listed. Today we will be showing different pictures of the black Pomsky. We will be including more than just photos of the black Pomsky. Let’s first go over what makes a dog’s coat black in the first place.


Any black areas on a Pomsky (or any canine) are from cells that produce eumalanin. It is important to note that black eumalanin can turn into other colors. These include brown, blue or pale brown. If the dog’s genes cause the black eumelanin to turn another color all of the black coloring will be changed.

This happens because the dog’s cells are unable to produce a “full-strength” pigment. Think of this as a doluted version of a true black coloring. Blue and browns have black properties but are not pure forms of the original black pigment.

Nose and Eyes

While we’re on the subject of eumalanin I should mention that it can be in other areas on a dog. The irises and nose are the most noteable other places you can find eumalanin. Dogs can have their noses black or any color. This will depend on what kind of eumalanin your canine can produce.

Just like the coat both the eyes and nose can have different restriction levels of eumalanin. This will cause different shades of the colors mentioned.

Photos of Black Pomskies

Below are some photos of the black Pomsky. Please note that these will be variations with different masks and markings.

Black Pomsky With Brown Paws
Black Pomsky With Blue Eyes
Black Pomsky Puppy
Black Pomsky With Tan


The eumalanin found in dog cells can affect the coloring of their coat, eyes and nose. The level of concentration of eumalanin will affect the dilution levels of the eumalanin causing alternate (less intense) colorings. These colors are variations of brown and blue.

We put up a few black Pomsky photos and want to add that pure black Pomskies are very rare while black Pomskies with other markings are fairly common. For more Pomsky information be sure and check back with us at Pomsky Pals.