Here Are 8 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Pomsky

Buying a Pomsky can be exciting. You may have even already found a few Pomsky breeders you are interested in getting a puppy from but how much research have you done? There is important information you need to get from a breeder before choosing one. We’ll be going over the 7 questions to ask before you buy a Pomsky so you can make an informed decision. Make sure before you visit any breeder you have done preliminary homework on the Pomsky breed and breeder. Use common sense and don’t limit yourself to just the questions below.

1. Is This Pomsky Breeder Reputable?

This may seem like an obvious one but let’s dive into what defines “reputable”. Pomsky breeders in particular are still relatively few and far in between. Having said that once you start your Pomsky search you will see breeders for pages on Google claiming to have Pomsky puppies to buy. The truth is a good many of those Pomsky breeders may not even be selling pure 100% Pomskies. They may be selling mixed puppies that resemble a Pomsky.

The best way to know if a breeder is reputable is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do they offer pictures of the Sire and Dam of the puppies?
  • Are there a lot of pictures of puppies?
  • Do they have a website?
  • Is there terms of service and upcoming puppy information on their website?
  • Are there any negative reviews or reviews at all on the breeder? (Google “Breeder Name” reviews)
  • What kind of online presence does the breeder have? (How long has the breeder been selling puppies in general and online?)
  • Do they update their social media platforms often with new puppy information?
  • What is the interaction of interested potential Pomsky owners?

2. Can You See the Pomsky Puppy’s Parents?

Every breed has certain characteristics but EVERY puppy has their own personality. You’ll want to get an idea of who your new puppy will be. Viewing the parents is an important part of looking for a new puppy. You’ll want to see the puppy with its mother. This lets you see her temperment so you can get an idea of what future characteristics your puppy may have.

3. Is the Puppy Well Socialized?

Most Pomsky breeders socialize their puppies early on and make sure potential buyers know it. You want to make sure your potential puppy has been socialized.

4. Is There a Bill of Sale?

Sometimes you’ll see puppies for sale with a cardboard sign or a nice lady selling them out of her truck. In these situations you’ll sometimes just take your puppy home with a handshake. Any purebred puppy should come with papers. For safety and security ALL dogs should come with some kind of bill of sale. This protects the buyer and seller from potential disputes down the road.

A Pomsky puppy agreement will typically go over the basic responsibilities of the new owner. This will include any restrictions that may be including with buying the puppy or on the puppy’s records. Below we’ll go over it in more detail but this also should say what is included with the puppy. Things like DNA test, breeding rights, shot record, etc.

5. Does the Puppy Come With a DNA Test?

It is a common practice by most Pomsky breeders to provide a DNA test with a certificate of authenticity. With the Pomsky not being recognized as an official breed many backyard breeders will try and sell mixed puppies as Pomskies. They do this for a variety of reasons. One of the bigger expenses with Pomsky breeding is the artificial insemination process. Because of the special breeding practices this is necessary for almost all litters. By selling mixed puppies breeders can cut corners and avoid this part of the process.

Always make sure that a DNA test is provided before deciding on a breeder. We recommend only dealing with Pomsky Club of America approved breeders to avoid this issue. They follow a strict code of ethics and you will get a 100% Pomsky puppy.

6. Is There a Breeding Rights Restriction Policy?

Most legitimate Pomsky breeders require that you neuter or spayed your Pomsky by 6 months of age. Some do offer breeding rights with certain restrictions. Most breeders charge a $1,000 breeding rights fee and second choice of the first litter for this arrangement. Should a Pomsky breeder you are interested in working with have no policy on this you may want to look elsewhere.

7. Has the Puppy Had All of Their Shots?

You want a healthy puppy and they should be fully updated on ALL of their shots. New dog owners may not be knowledgeable on how often shots and vet check ups are needed. Be sure to also ask which shots will still be required once you purchase your Pomsky puppy.

8. Are You a Good Candidate to Own a Pomsky?

This last question is an important one. You may find the right puppy from the right breeder. You may have even gone through the waiting list and been approved but have you really thought about the commitment required? You are about to bring a puppy to a new home. You will have to care for and look after them.

Both of the Pomsky’s parent breeds are known for being high strung and very active. Can you handle the overactive nature of the Pomsky? This question should be the first. If you have checked off every other question on this list you want to make sure you are ready for the responsibility of a new Pomsky puppy.


The Pomsky can make for a great pet. Ask these questions and plenty more when looking for your Pomsky. Know that the only stupid questions are the ones unanswered. Most breeders are use to the list of questions and are happy to answer them. Expect waiting lists and try to show patience. Buying a Pomsky from a reputable breeder will most likely mean there will be a wait.

We do send out breeder updates and sometimes there are Pomsky puppies that are immediately available. You can subscribe to our newsletter and check our Live Breeder Updates page to stay up to date on puppies available from approved Pomsky breeders. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check back with us for all your Pomsky breeder updates and information.