Here are 6 Tricks to Teach Your New Pomsky

Pomskies are highly intelligent and are fairly easy to train if you can keep their attention! Today we’ll be going over the top 6 tricks to teach your new Pomsky. These tricks are great to start younger and older dogs on also. Ok let’s start.

Pick Up Toys

We might as well start our Pomskies (or any dog) with a clean up trick. Most of us keep our dog’s toys in a bin or basket in an attempt to keep them in one place. Your canine companion will surely drag them out all over the floor and when they are done leave them there. Teaching your dog to clean up their toys is a great trick and may just help you with daily clean up.

Teach A Dog To Pick Up Toys

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Grab your dog’s toy bin. Pick out a toy (preferrably their favorite) and throw it across the room. When your dog goes after and picks up the toy grab a treat. Hold this treat over the dog bin (or basket). Call your dog to bring the toy back to you.

Your dog may at this point drop the toy seeing the treat. They have decided the more interesting thing is the treat in your hand. If this happens hide the treat so your dog can no longer see it. Repeat to your dog to pick up the toy and bring it back to you.

This most likely will require a lot of repetition until your pet gets the pattern. It is also recommended to teach “fetch” before this exercise. This will give the dog the basics and make this trick easier to pull off.

High Five

Here is an easy trick to teach your dog. Tell your dog to sit (this should be the first trick you teach any dog). Reward them for sitting and hold their treat out of reach. Say “high five” while tapping one of their paws. Most dogs will naturally paw at your hand with the treat in it. Repeat command until they paw at your hand. When this happens catch their paw with your hand that isn’t holding the treat.

Give them a treat and praise for this then repeat. The idea here is you want your dog to raise their paw without you tapping when you say “high five”. Some like to say “shake”. Whatever the command be consistent in the name and gestures.


Pomskies are adorable to start with. There is nothing more precious than a Pomsky that plays Peek-a-boo! This trick will be learned a lot easier if your Pomsky already knows how to “high five” or some variation of that trick. Once you have them master the “high five” command you will be ready to start on this trick.

To start this trick issue the “high five” command (or variant). Once their paw is in your hand lift it over their eyes like Peek-a-boo. Do this a few times and give them a treat right after each. Dogs have a short attention span and part of learning tricks is the reward system. It is crucial for any trick to be rewarded immediately after the desired action is done.

Repeat this pattern while saying Peek-a-boo appropriately until or dog starts to understand. Once they are use to this start to say Peek-a-boo without helping them with the pattern. See if they are able to mimick the motion without your help.

If your dog is having difficulty with this trick you can use a piece of scotch tape. With your dog in front of you (sitting) put a piece of post-it or tape on their nose. Your dog will remove the tape. Use this pattern with the reward system and repeat. After doing this a few times go back to the initial NO TAPE method above.


This trick is one of the easier ones as dogs often have no problem licking our faces. Put a treat by your face and say “Kiss”. Some dogs will automatically lick you at this point. We need to do this trick fast enough so that there is only a light tap from the nose with no licking. Gesture your cheek toward your canine. Once he contacts your cheek with his nose. Pull away and reward. Do this before they can lick you. Repeat until your dog understand that the reward comes from light nose tapping and not licking.

If you have a dog that is prone to nip or bite please avoid this trick. Use caution if you are letting children perform this trick.


A lot of Pomeranians naturally do this so teaching a Pomsky should be a tad easier. They may be inclined to mimic their parent breed. Smaller breeds in general do better with this trick than larger ones.

If your dog doesn’t naturally like to bow or handstand you can teach them. Put them in front of a wall with their back legs on a book or something to raise them. Do this a few times. Everyime they stay in this position and don’t immediately move reward with a treat. It is important whenever starting to say the command word “Bow” or “Handstand”. Again be consistent with wording and gestures.

Gradually increase the incline with more books or blocks under your dog’s back legs. You want them to naturally want to go into this position without the books. Now try everything above without the assistance of the books or blocks. Reward and repeat.

It is important to note this is one of the hardest tricks on our list and some dogs just won’t be comfortable with this tricks. Also, large breeds in particular can have trouble with this and it can even be dangerous for them. Please use caution when teaching your pet this trick.


This is another trick that smaller breeds have an easier time with. Also this trick shouldn’t be for dogs that are overweight or have hip/leg trouble. This treat will go over better if your dog already knows the “sit” command.

Teach Your Dog To Dance

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With your dog sitting raise a treat up slowly over their head. While doing this say “Dance”, “Up” or “Spin”. Again be consistent with gestures and words. You will want to repeat this until they rise up on their back legs.

Sometimes this trick requires you to bring the treat over your dog’s head and then just out of their sight. This will make them more likely to stand up. The idea here is to guide your dog to spin around on their hind legs. The treat location will influence their movement and make them more likely to perform this trick.

Move the treat slowly around your dog’s head until they spin in a circle. Reward and repeat. Do this a bunch of times as your dog will need to get their balancing down to perform this trick best.


We’ve gone over 6 great tricks for your Pomsky (or any dog). With patience and determination you will have your dog doing tricks to show your friends in no time. Remember that each of these tricks will take patience and repetition. Make sure your gestures and commands on each trick are the same.

Rewarding your dog each time will help them better understand what you want them to do. If you dog is having trouble with one trick move on to another. Thank you for reading and for more Pomsky information and breeder updates be sure to check back with us at Pomsky Pals.