Bringing Your Pomsky Puppy Home

So today is the big day. You’ve picked out your Pomsky puppy and can’t wait to get wrapped up in all the cuteness. The Pomeranian Husky is a beautiful dog full of life and you’re getting one! Owning a pet can be a wonderful thing but is a huge commitment. After all, their going to be a permanent member of your family. You’ll be responsible for feeding and taking care of them. You’re excited, but wait…before you bring your forever friend home you want to make sure they have everything they need. This breed on average will be around 10-25 lbs so they are a tad on the smaller side. This guide is going to make sure you and your new friend have all the essentials. Let’s get started.

Part of the joy of getting a new pet is buying them a bunch of toys and fun stuff. While this is great lets go over the essentials to make sure you’re Pomsky is comfortable its first night with you. Here are the basics you need for you Pomeranian Husky:

6 Things You’ll Need

1. Crate

Your Pomsky most likely will come with a crate, but if he or she doesn’t it is a good idea to get one. Crates are good for training but more importantly when you first bring your puppy home he or she may need their “space”. This is an area just for them and is often times a good idea to have during the warm up period.

Some puppies love everyone and bond immediately. Some need a little time to come out of their shell. If possible its a good idea to ask the breeder to include a blanket or something of the puppy’s.  They may feel more comfortable with something familiar.

2. Water and Food Bowls

Food and nutrition are very important and a puppy eats a lot. When picking up bowls for your Pomsky consider long term solutions. Is the bowl bottom heavy? Will it rust? If plastic or non metal will it last? Asking yourself these questions will help narrow down your preference while skipping the quick fix.

Bowls that are stainless steel and bottom heavy are preferred. Puppies don’t knock them over and they can’t chew them. Yes, puppies chew and speaking of chewing lets get to our next essential.

3. Chew Toys

Puppies love to play and love to chew. You want to make sure you have plenty of durable toys that are not hazardous to your new friend. You want chemically safe materials that will last. Now is also a good time to puppy proof your home. Any loose electric cords or toxic cleaning products should be put out of sight before your furry friend arrives. Pomskies are a smaller breed and can easily get into areas you wouldn’t normally think about.

4. Collar With ID Tag

You will want a good and durable material for your collar. Nylon collars are used the most. Leather is also a good choice. While not an immediate issue you may want to go ahead and pick up a leash for the future. Identification tags are necessary and should be worn by your puppy at all times. If you get your collar from PetSmart they have a machine that makes personalized ID tags. It is also a good idea to get an extra ID tag with a QR Code scanner. Finders of lost pups can follow the easy instructions on the tag to get your dog back to you. Here are some normal dog tags. You should be able to also find some with QR code scanners. Click Here

5. Brushes and Other Grooming Supplies

Your Pomsky comes with a double-coat that will need to be maintained. Be sure and get a soft brush and if you are unsure which brush to get ask a pet store associate. Now is a good time to also get nail clippers.

6. Pet Gate

This is more optional and circumstantial. If you have an upstairs or want to keep your puppy out of certain rooms you will need a gate. Its important to keep your puppy safe and in designated play areas. Your puppy will be happy and stay out of trouble. Here are some gate options.

Congratulations On Being A Pomsky Owner

Following these steps will help you and your puppy get off to a good start. Be sure and get these essential items to make your puppy’s first night safe and comfortable. They’ll have everything a new pup needs. All you have to do provide love and patience. Thanks for reading and good luck! You can read more on What is a Pomsky? if you want a complete overview on the breed.