Pomsky Puppies For Sale For the Month of September 2016

There are currently some Pomsky puppies for sale for the month of September 2016. If you don’t find the Pomsky you are looking for below or want more current updates you can check our Pomsky Puppies For Sale. There you can see all of our Pomsky breeders live feeds. Please note that there is a 15 second page load time for our Live Breeders Updates Page.

Paramount Pomskies

Paroumount Pomskies currently has a first come first serve for Lurch. He is an 8 week old 50/50 Pomsky puppy. You will need to fill out an application in FULL to be considered. Paramount Pomskies does a good job of making sure their Pomsky puppies go to great homes. Lurch is also from Juneau’s Litter and born on June 29th. He is $1,750 with a full clover pomsky mask small blaze with a black tan and white fur. His eyes are hazel.

Those interested in reserving this Pomsky need to fill out Paramount Pomskies application form and send it to their email. This and more information can be found on their Facebook page. He will come with a PCA certificate authenticating that he is a real Pomsky puppy. This includes their DNA test and a membership to their closed Facebook group (Only for their Pomsky owners). He will also come with a travel kennel, treats, toys, shot record and a bag of food. This will help his new owner get started. Be sure and get in touch with Paramount Pomskies today.

Their Website

Their Facebook Page

Vaca Valley Pomskies

Vaca Valley Pomskies has just had a litter from Eve and Mowgli. This Pomsky litter was born on 8/7/2016. They have posted photos on their Facebook page of the 4 week old puppies. They didn’t list how many exactly but we counted 3 girls and 6 boys. Again the ratio of girls to boys may be a tad different as we couldn’t find EXACT gender and litter size information. These puppies will be ready to go to their new home at 8 weeks.

You can check their Facebook page to get more information on each puppy and how to get on their waiting list. Their waiting list fills up quickly but occasionally people on the waiting list will want to wait for a Pomsky puppy from a future litter. This often makes for 1 or 2 Pomsky puppies to be for sale publicly. Check their Facebook page for additional information.

Their Facebook Page

Update: 9.13.2016

Immediate Pomsky Puppy Available!

This doesn’t happen often but Apex Pomskies has an available Pomsky puppy that needs a new home. What they said is listed below in quotes along with photos and other information. He will most likely be 20-25lbs. Click on their Facebook link for additional details.

Apex Pomskies said:

“Unfortunately due to a family issue, no fault of his own, this sweet guy needs a new home. He is wooly, perfect black and white markings with a gorgeous white undercoat. One blue eye and one brown eye. He is in Florida with his new family. Their priority is finding him a good home but it would be nice for them to get most of the money they just spent on him and he is only 8.5 weeks old so still a new puppy so he will not be cheap. They paid $3800 and he will come with all the toys, bed, crate shampoo and such they just bought for him. You can contact them here if you are interested or have questions email Dustin I will still honor the 2 year health guarantee on him and would like updates from his new owners ideally.”

Their Facebook Page

Update: 9.15.2016

More Pomsky Puppies Available!

Precious Pomskies

New photos of Pomsky puppies from Precious Pomskies are available. They ask that you apply to their waiting list only if you can pick up your puppy between October 6th through the 13th. They are NOT offering shipping. They do offer delivery for an additional $500. Applicants need to mention if they want the delivery option in their application. You will also have to adhere to a spay and neuter contract. For additional information please visit their Facebook page. There are photos of the Pomsky puppies below with a link to their Facebook page.

Aly – White Female Pomsky Puppy

Aly - White Female Pomsky Puppy

Blue eyes
Estimated 15-20lbs

Aly is the more timid one of the bunch. She sits back and watches before trying anything new. You know, lets the others test the waters first. She’s always up for a wrestling match between her brothers though and a good cuddle with us when she’s warn out.

Price: $3,000

Simone – White Female Pomsky Puppy

Katie - Cream Female Pomsky Puppy

Blue eyes
Estimated to be 12-18lbs

Simone is the girl always at your feet and wanting held. She’s always excited to see you, wagging that little tail.

Price: $3,200

Justin – Black Tri Male Pomsky Puppy

Justin - Black Tri Male Pomsky Puppy

Black Tri
Bi eyed (one brown one blue)
Estimated to be 20-25lbs

Justin is the biggest of the litter but that doesn’t make him any less of a lover to his brother and sisters. He’s the watch dog of the group, always keeping an eye and ear out for anything new or “scary”.

Price: $2,700

Katie – Cream Female Pomsky Puppy

Simone - White Female Pomsky Puppy

Blue eyes
Estimated to be 15-20lbs

Katie is our sweetheart. She loves to sit and watch the others play, cuddle when they’re tired, and nap in bed with us. She’s a quite and calm girl.

Price: $3,200

Descriptions and puppy prices are direct quotes from the Pomsky breeder. Please contact Precious Pomskies for any additional puppy information.

Their Facebook Page

Update: 9.19.2016

Pomsky Puppy Applications Open September 26th

Portland Pomskies

Portland Pomskies will be accepting applications on the eight new puppies that were recently born. The application will let you pick your favorites but remember you are more likely to get a puppy with the more puppies you are interested in. They don’t know eye color of the puppies yet but have announced that there Application Day will be September 26th, 2016.

Price determination will not be set in stone until eye color can be determined. New Pomsky owners will not be selected before eye color determination. They will be contacting families as soon as eye colors are revealed so you want to get your selection in as soon as Application Day begins. You can also pick eye color preference in your Pomsky puppy application.

To find out more about the available Pomsky puppies for sale please visit their Facebook page. We have provided a link below.

Vaca Valley Pomskies

Vaca Valley Pomskies originally had a few puppies available. As of this update only ONE of their male Pomsky puppies are left. His name is Apollo and he is the smallest in the litter. We are posting photos and additional information about him below. With him being the only Pomsky puppy available we recommend you get in touch with Vaca Valley Pomskies immediately. We have provided a link to their Facebook page below the photos and description.

Apollo – 6 weeks old male Pomsky puppy

Available Pomsky Puppy September 2016
Vaca Valley Pomskies Puppy Available
Smaller Pomsky Puppy Available

Parents: Eve/Mowgli 8/7/16

6 weeks
1# 2.6 oz
Double blue eyes
Apollo is CLEARLY the “smaller” of the twins and of the entire litter. He has grown slow, but steady and is just so ridiculously cute as he is the size of a newborn ,but he acts like a puppy, plays, pounces, and barks at us to prove he is a “big dog”. He will most likely stay small and will be lucky to get to 10#’s do for those of you wanting the size of a 25/75 but with 50/50 husky characterics…HE IS THE ONE! He is the lovable, spoiled lap dog!

Their Facebook Page

Update: 9.24.2016

3 New Pomsky Puppy Litters

Arctic Design Pomskies

Arctic Design Pomskies has 3 litters that are available. Below are pictures of the Pomsky puppies and additional information. You can ask them questions about these Pomsky puppies by visiting their Facebook page.

Their Facebook Page

Puppies: 3 Boys  –  25% Husky / 75% Pomeranian
Born: 9-4-16   Ready: 10-30-16
Adult size: 10-15lbs
Dam/Sire Information:

Cricket is a darling little 50/50 we kept out of Noya. She is very tiny weighing in at only 12lbs. She’s our silly little girl who always has a smile on her face along with a ton of other silly faces she likes to make. Cujo is a lovely Pomeranian who was studded to us from T.C. Pomskies. He weighs in at about 13lbs.  He’s very out going and gets along with everyone. Both have med-high energy and are very people focused and affectionate.  These puppies will make great companions for around the house and will be quite social on outings.

Reaper – Male Agouti Pomsky Puppy

Agouti Pomsky Male Puppy September 2016

Pumpkin – Male Red/cream sable, parti

Male - Red/cream sable, parti

Beast – Male cream/wolf “cool” sable, Irish pattern

Male - cream/wolf

Puppies: 3 Boys & 4 GirlsHusky / 25% Pomeranian
Born: 9/5/16   Ready: 10/31/16
Adult size: 15-25lbs

Dam/Sire Information:
Noya is one of the most mellow and most intuitive dogs I have ever owned. She is on the smaller side for a Siberian Husky weighing  about 30lbs. Tonto is a wonderful little 50/50 born right here from Rocky and Llama. He weighs about 18lbs. He is very happy and silly and loves to snuggle his mommy on the couch. Both dogs love going for long hikes and playing in the forest. They tend to check the path ahead but always run back to check on me and make sure Im not too far behind. These puppies will be great for around the house but will thrive best in active homes who enjoy walking,jogging, hiking at least once a week.

Fang – Male Black and Silver Husky color

Male - Black and Silver Husky color

Boo – Male Black and Tan (dilute) Tri-color

Male - Black and Tan (dilute) Tri-color

Poe – Male Black and white

Male - Black and white

Female - Sliver Husky color

Male - Black and white

Female - Black and White Husky color

Female - Black and Tan (dilute)

Puppies: 4 Boys & 1 Girl 62.5% Husky / 37.5% Pomeranian
Born: 9/7/16 Ready: 11/2/16
Adult size: 15-25lbs

Dam/Sire Information:
Moogie is my goofy clown. She loves to play fetch and is great with kids. She also gives great hugs and kisses! She enjoys her food and is very treat motivated. She’s a little heavy set at 35lbs but stands a little shorter than Noya. Tonto should give these puppies a little more gracefulness and focus.

Male - Black husky markings

Male - Black husky markings

Male - Black, piebald husky markings

Male - Black, piebald husky markings

Female - Silver, Piebald husky markings.

Find out more about these Pomsky puppies by visiting Arctic Design Pomskies Facebook page.

Their Facebook Page