Pomsky Puppies For Sale For the Month of October 2016

Every month we list available Pomsky puppies. You can check out our Pomsky puppies for sale for the month of October 2016 below. If you want up to the minute updates you can check our Pomsky Puppies For Sale (there is a 15 second page load time). Please check back often as we will update this page throughout the month of October.

Smoky Mountain Pomskies

Smoky Moutain Pomskies recently had a litter of 4 boys and 4 girls. These Pomsky puppies pictures were taken on September 22, 2016. The waiting list for these puppies should open up in about 2 weeks from the time of this post. Please check with Smoky Mountain Pomskies to find out more about each individual Pomsky puppy. The best way to get in touch with them is by going to their Facebook page. Below are pictures of the upcoming Pomsky litter.

Smoky – Male Pomsky Puppy

Smoky - Male Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Raven – Female Pomsky Puppy

Raven - Female Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Salem – Male Pomsky Puppy

Salem - Male Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Autumn – Female Pomsky Puppy

Autumn - Female Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Hawk – Male Pomsky Puppy

Hawk - Male Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Ruby – Female Pomsky Puppy

Ruby - Female Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Blaze – Male Pomsky Puppy

Blaze - Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Spice – Female Pomsky Puppy

Spice - Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Vaca Valley Pomskies

Vaca Valley Pomskies currently has two available puppies. They are immediately available due to two potential owners not working out. If you are interested in either of these puppies please contact Vaca Valley Pomskies immediately. You can get in touch with them through there Facebook page.

Aurora – Female Pomsky Puppy

Aurora - Female Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Aurora is our last, but definitely not least, little girl left for applications to be submitted for.  She has awaken into her true personality and she is all husky! She LOVES to explore and is very curious, but cautious when it is something new to her, and when she is done exploring, she wants to cuddle up with her humans for nap time.

Aurora is the sweetheart and when not exploring or playing, she is so calm and sweet by your side.she has double blue eyes and her nose is almost done filling in black, and we suspect that her black eyeliner will be soon to follow. She has the standard siberian husky coat and for those who can’t decide or whether to choose a white or black puppy…well she is the perfect mix of both!

For the right family, she is AVAILABLE for

Ace – Male Pomsky Puppy

Ace - Male Pomsky Puppy October 2016

Ace is like a true middle child. He just goes with the flow and blends in with whats going on with everyone. We call him our little sweet teddy bear because he is just so calm and relaxed with us, but he WILL let us know when HE wants to play!

Black with white coat

Listed in September

The below litter information was introduced in our Pomsky Puppies for Sale – September 2016 but some are only going to be available to go home in October. Please check with the Pomsky breeders for the puppies availability.

3 New Pomsky Puppy Litters

Arctic Design Pomskies

Arctic Design Pomskies has 3 litters that are available. Below are pictures of the Pomsky puppies and additional information. You can ask them questions about these Pomsky puppies by visiting their Facebook page.

Their Facebook Page

Puppies: 3 Boys  –  25% Husky / 75% Pomeranian
Born: 9-4-16   Ready: 10-30-16
Adult size: 10-15lbs
Dam/Sire Information:

Cricket is a darling little 50/50 we kept out of Noya. She is very tiny weighing in at only 12lbs. She’s our silly little girl who always has a smile on her face along with a ton of other silly faces she likes to make. Cujo is a lovely Pomeranian who was studded to us from T.C. Pomskies. He weighs in at about 13lbs.  He’s very out going and gets along with everyone. Both have med-high energy and are very people focused and affectionate.  These puppies will make great companions for around the house and will be quite social on outings.

Reaper – Male Agouti Pomsky Puppy

Agouti Pomsky Male Puppy September 2016

Pumpkin – Male Red/cream sable, parti

Male - Red/cream sable, parti

Beast – Male cream/wolf “cool” sable, Irish pattern

Male - cream/wolf

Puppies: 3 Boys & 4 GirlsHusky / 25% Pomeranian
Born: 9/5/16   Ready: 10/31/16
Adult size: 15-25lbs

Dam/Sire Information:
Noya is one of the most mellow and most intuitive dogs I have ever owned. She is on the smaller side for a Siberian Husky weighing  about 30lbs. Tonto is a wonderful little 50/50 born right here from Rocky and Llama. He weighs about 18lbs. He is very happy and silly and loves to snuggle his mommy on the couch. Both dogs love going for long hikes and playing in the forest. They tend to check the path ahead but always run back to check on me and make sure Im not too far behind. These puppies will be great for around the house but will thrive best in active homes who enjoy walking,jogging, hiking at least once a week.

Fang – Male Black and Silver Husky color

Male - Black and Silver Husky color

Boo – Male Black and Tan (dilute) Tri-color

Male - Black and Tan (dilute) Tri-color

Poe – Male Black and white

Male - Black and white

Female - Sliver Husky color

Male - Black and white

Female - Black and White Husky color

Female - Black and Tan (dilute)

Puppies: 4 Boys & 1 Girl 62.5% Husky / 37.5% Pomeranian
Born: 9/7/16 Ready: 11/2/16
Adult size: 15-25lbs

Dam/Sire Information:
Moogie is my goofy clown. She loves to play fetch and is great with kids. She also gives great hugs and kisses! She enjoys her food and is very treat motivated. She’s a little heavy set at 35lbs but stands a little shorter than Noya. Tonto should give these puppies a little more gracefulness and focus.

Male - Black husky markings

Male - Black husky markings

Male - Black, piebald husky markings

Male - Black, piebald husky markings

Female - Silver, Piebald husky markings.

Find out more about these Pomsky puppies by visiting Arctic Design Pomskies Facebook page.

Their Facebook Page<

Update: 10.7.2016

New Pomsky Puppies For Sale

Middle TN Pomskies

Middle TN Pomskies just had a litter of 25/75 Pomsky puppies. These puppies will get between 8 to 12lbs. If you want more information about this litter get in touch with Middle TN Pomskies on their Facebook page.

Their Facebook Page

Portland Pomskies

Portland Pomskies just had 9 Pomsky puppies. They will open of applications in about 3 weeks. You can contact them on their Facebook page for additional information. There is a photo of Nahla (Dam) and the 9 Pomsky puppies below. Additional photos may be available in the coming weeks so be sure to check back with us for updates.

Their Facebook Page

Portland Pomskies Puppies for October 2016

Update: 10.11.2016

Pomsky Puppies Upcoming Available

Rose Peek Pomskies

Rose Peek Pomskies has updated their Pomsky puppy information for their latest litter. In early November they will take applications. They have said most likely November 7th. There is NO WAITING LIST before this time so keep an eye on this litter if you see a Pomsky puppy you want. Below is what Rose Peek Pomskies said:

Luna’s 50/50 litter are the only puppies we have at the moment. 4 girls 1 boy. We won’t take applications on this little till early November. Shooting for November 7th will confirm that as the time nears. We do not keep a wait list or take deposits ahead of time so just wait for application day. This litter will range from 2500-4000. For additional info check out our site atrosepeekpomskies.com

We hopefully have two other litters due this year, we will post as soon as we confirm their pregnancies it is still too early to know. Thank you for your interest in our puppies! Stay tuned for updates and cute pictures as these babies grow!

Their Facebook Page