Pomsky Puppies For Sale For the Month of January 2017

It’s a new year and in 2017 we will be bringing you plenty of Pomsky litter updates. You can find available Pomsky puppies for the month of January 2017 on this page. If you want up to the minute Pomsky litter information please go to our Pomsky Puppy Litter Updates. Please note that this page will take around 15 seconds to load.

We do update this page when new litters become available where you can check for more information.

Apex Pomskies

Apex Pomskies will have a new litter available in a couple of weeks. You can find out more information about this and other upcoming litters by going to their Facebook page. They will be happy to answer any questions about upcoming Pomsky puppies.

Middle TN Pomskies

Middle TN Pomskies has posted videos of their puppies and we will be listing them below. If you have any questions about these Pomsky puppies be sure and get in touch with them through their Facebook page. Videos of the puppies are listed below.

Trouble and Ginger

Shirley and Checkers

Yahtzee, Boggle, Checkers and Shirley

Ruby and Rusty

Paramount Pomskies

Paramount Pomskies currently has one Pomsky available but a new litter was just born! You can check their Facebook page for additional information. Below is more details on their available Pomsky puppy.

They wrote:

Happy new year! Hope you enjoy the video of this little one giving new year kisses!
Peppermint is available for purchase! She is a 6 weeks old 50/50 pomsky born November 3rd from Lana and Mimsie. If you are interested, you first have to apply and the application that you send us should be formated something like this: their Facebook page for additional details. Here is her picture:


Female Pomsky puppy from Paramount Pomskies

Patriot Pomskies

Patriot Pomskies currently has one Pomsky available named Noel. Please check their Facebook page for more about this and other Pomsky puppies. We have put a picture of Noel below.


Noel Pomsky Puppy Available

Portland Pomskies

Portland Pomskies will start taking applications on their new litter on January 15th. You can check their Facebook page for additional details and photos.

Precious Pomskies

Precious Pomskies has one puppy named Nutmeg available! If you are interested in Nutmeg please get in touch with Precious Pomskies by visiting their Facebook page. A picture of Nutmeg is below.


Pomsky From Precious Pomskies