Information on Backyard Breeders

When starting this site I kept in mind to only list reputable Pomsky breeders. At the time of this post I only list Pomsky Club of America approved breeders. I intend on branching out and listing other reputable breeders that are not listed with Pomsky Club of America at a later date. If this happens I will have to do my due diligence.

Pomsky breeders that aren’t registered with PCA aren’t necessarily bad but if you decide to purchase a Pomsky from a breeder┬ánot listed there you need to know how to spot a “Backyard Breeder”. This information is useful when buying any breed. Lets go over in detail what a Backyard Breeder is and how to avoid them.

If you are looking to add a new puppy to your home it is important to obtain these pups from a reputable breeder. You never want to get a puppy from backyard breeders. A reputable breeder breeds dogs to better the breed. A lot of thought goes into choosing the parents of the dogs. A backyard breeder is simply concerned with making money. Little, or no thought goes into choosing parents based on breed standards. These breeders simply do not care. They care about turning out as many puppies as possible. Read on for more information about these breeders, and how to avoid them.

Sad life for the mother dog

A female does who belongs to a backyard breeder has a very sad life. She spends most of it pregnant. She never has the chance to heal, and build her strength back up after giving birth. She has one litter after another until she is too sick and weak to continue. She is then usually put down since she has outlived her usefulness.

Bad start in life for the puppies

The puppies born from these mothers do not fair much better in their early years. Backyard breeders likely do not have the experience, or the desire to ensure that these pups get the start in life that they should. Shots and vet care is hit or miss with these breeders. They also more often than not, ignore even the most basic needs of the dog. Socialization is a must for all puppies. If a puppy is not well socialized when it is young, it will have a harder time in life. A well socialized puppy has a better chance of being a well adjusted adult dog.

A puppy needs its mother for at least the first two months of its life, and preferably a couple of weeks longer than that. A mother dog teaches the babies how to behave. When a pup nips at the mom, the mom puts it in its place. Much of this learning is done during play. Backyard breeders will often remove pups from the mom before they are ready. They do this in order to sell them to make money, and so they will not have to care for them. Puppies that are taken from their mother when they are too young often have social, and psychological issues throughout their lives.

Are all backyard breeders, bad?

Not all backyard breeders are breeding dogs just for money. Some breed their dog just because they think it is so cute and sweet, and they think having puppies will be fun. While these breeders may not feel that they are doing anything wrong, they should still be avoided. While they may have a good heart, they are not taking dog health, and breed standards in mind. This could result in significant genetic defects in the puppies.

Even if everything is fine with the pup, they are still bringing puppies into the world when there are already so many already here that need a home. In all likelihood these dogs that were bred are not registered, the puppies are not vetted, and adoptive homes are not thoroughly checked out. The result is, more dogs that may just end up in shelters.

What to expect from a reputable breeder

A reputable breeder will be able to provide you with a health guarantee. They will also offer lifetime support should you have any issues with the dog. A breeder who is doing this for the right reasons, will even help with grooming and training questions. A breeder’s dog will be registered and the breeder will belong to local dog groups.

When you visit the puppies they will be in a clean environment. You should not smell unpleasant odors. The mother dog should appear healthy and well cared for. A reputable breeder will able to go on and on about the breed when you have a conversation.

How to spot a backyard breeder

If you go to pick out your puppy, and the mother appears listless, thin, and generally unhealthy, that is a bad sign. You should leave if the area smells bad or is dirty. If the owner cannot give you health records, or a health guarantee, they are not a reputable breeder. Ask how old the mother dog is. If the dog is under the age of two, you are dealing with an unscrupulous breeder. Dogs under the age of two should never be bred.

How to avoid backyard breeders

The best way to avoid backyard breeders is to ask questions. Never just hand your money over and walk out with a puppy. Ask about how the pup was socialized. Ask for copies of vet records. The puppy should have records stating that it had its first shots. Ask for a written health guarantee. Meet the mother dog, and if possible the father as well. Ask about the breeding schedule for the dog.

Never buy a dog from a pet shop. If a dog is in a pet shop, it came from a backyard breeder. That is, unless there is an adoption event going on at the store. If this is the case, the puppies and adult dogs have all come from shelters and they are in need of a new home. If you can give them one, please feel free to do so.


You now know how to spot a backyard breeder, and how to avoid them. Always either adopt a dog from a shelter, or go to an experienced, reputable breeder. Backyard breeders hurt the breed, the puppies, and the mother dog. You can also end up being hurt yourself. As you inexpensive pup that came from the inexperienced breeder may very well end up with genetic defects, and behavioral issues. If everyone becomes educated about backyard breeders, and stops getting dogs from them, fewer dogs will end up in shelters or put down.