The Best Christmas Gifts For Your Dog

Christmas is a magical season that brings out the best in us. We worry about finding the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. Those of us who are privileged to have dogs as pets are scouting for the best gifts for them as well. While this site mainly focuses on the Pomsky, Husky, and Pomeranian this article has great gift ideas for any dog breed.

There are so many different items to choose from that finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge. Keeping in mind any special needs and the personality of your dog can help you to narrow the choices.

Toys should be made of premium materials that are crafted with quality and care. Food related items such as doggie snacks, treats and chewing bones should include features that make them safe for your pet and healthy alternatives. The best choices for food and water dishes include those which are made of safe materials and will promote healthy environments for your pet’s feed and water storage.

Another consideration to make is that gifts which inspire healthy actions and behaviors in your dog are always good choices. Toys that make your dog want to get up and exercise can promote better overall health. Chew toys which are safe can help to improve dental health and can also aid in preventing problems with the teeth. Whether you are looking for a special gift for your dog or for a friend or family member who cherishes their pet, here is a list of the top ten christmas gifts for your dog.

1. Chuckit Kick Fetch Toy Ball for Dogs

The Chuckit fetch toy makes playtime even more fun for you and your pet. The ball has special features including deep ridges so your dog can more easily grip it with the teeth to retrieve it more easily and bring it back to you for another round of fun and healthy exercise. Made of durable canvas material with rubber and foam with vibrant orange coloring so it will be easier to find.

This ball is 5.8 inches in diameter (with a larger size at 7 inches), about the size of a soccer ball, but the grooves and ridges make it easy for small to medium sized dogs to grip as well as larger breeds. The natural high bounce rubber features a puncture resistant foam core for extended life. It can be kicked or thrown when playing outdoor games with your pet.

2. Dog Holiday Gift Box Deluxe – Chuckit Version

This five piece gift set is the perfect christmas gift for doggie and owner. It includes Kong Plush Marving Moose Medium, Nylabone Dura Chew Bone, Zukes Dog Treats, Kong Squeak Dog Tennis Ball, Red Bone Dog Bandana and Dog Coffee Mug.

Bundled Dog Christmas PresentsThis unique gift set is appropriate for dogs of all sizes. It includes everything a dog lover could want to give to their pet for the holidays. The ChuckIt dog ball thrower makes it easier for the owner to play games. The Dog Bandanna helps your dog to go out to play in style. Marvin the Moose in Medium is a soft plush toy that includes extra layers for durability.

Great for playing fetch or as a comfort toy. Delivers a delightful squeak to keep your dog entertained. Kong squeak dog tennis ball can provide your pet with hours of fun playing catch or simply batting the ball back and forth with paws or chewing for the squeaking sound.

Nylabone Dura Chew Bone is made of durable rawhide for extended life for your dog’s dental health. The Mammoth Flossy Chews also contribute to clean teeth as the materials of this 3 knot rope tug help in flossing dogs’ teeth while chewing. There is even a bag of Zukes Dog Treats for a special christmas snack. Finally, you’ll enjoy using the Coffee mug that lets the world know that you’re a dog lover.

3. #1 Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Chicken Jerky For Your DogTreat your dog to a healthy snack that is made from premium healthy ingredients. Jerky snacks contain no additives or fillers and are made from USDA grade A chicken breasts.

Produced 100 percent from ingredients and processes in the United States so there is no guesswork about what goes into the final product.

Chicken jerky treats are delicious treats that make excellent choices for training snacks or for anytime you want to give your pet a special treat.

4. PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for Pets

Pet safety is a top priority for dog owners who cherish their pets. The Pagoda porcelain fountain is an attractive addition to your home that ensures your pet will have clean and fresh water. This can encourage them to drink more and enhance their health and well being.

The fountain features a continuous recirculation of fresh aerated water. A replaceable charcoal filter makes the water smell and taste fresher.

Two free falling streams oxygenate the water.

Your pet can drink from either the upper or lower dish. An excellent gift idea for your dog or for a friend or relative who wants to provide the best possible drinking water for their pets. This is a fancy way for your forever friend to get a refreshing drink at their leisure.

Available in White, Taupe, Red or Blue color choices.

5. Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Get Your Forever Friend A Benebone For ChristmasThe Benebone dog chew is specially created with a delicious bacon flavor that your dog will truly appreciate. This unique chew toy is designed in the shape of a wishbone and is ergonomically engineered with curvs that give your doggie hours of enjoyment while flipping the toy from one end to the other.

Easy to grip with forepaws for maximum chewing action that enhances your pet’s dental health. This toy is bacon flavored to encourage chewing but it is not a food product. It is intended to encourage chewing so your pet will have clean and strong teeth. This product is made in America and the flavoring component is guaranteed to come from 100 percent real bacon. It is made of high quality Nylon for durability and is easy for your dog to get a hold of and bite.

This doggie toy is manufactured in a plant that also processes tree nuts so if anyone in your house has an allergy they should not come in contact with it. Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy makes a great christmas gift for your dog or for the pet lovers in your life.

6. iFetch Ball Launcher

Your pet will enjoy hours of healthy enjoyment and exercise while giving you an easier way to play catch and go fetch. This interactive ball launcher helps to stimulate the minds of dogs by setting out a challenge for learning new activities. Great for home or vacation to keep pet occupied.

Electronic Toy For Your Pomeranian HuskyCan be used indoors or outdoors. The iFetch uses miniature tennis balls which are 1.5 inches. The iFetch can be set to launch the balls to either 30, 30 or 10 feet in distance.

This handy device will save your arm and allow you to enjoy watching your pet play for hours. Your dog can fetch and play to his or her heart’s content. The iFetch comes with 3 mini tennis balls.

The iFetch features dual power resources for launching balls.

For use out of doors, you can use batteries to power the iFetch. For indoor use and to save on batteries, it may be plugged into a wall outlet using electricity. There are several different automatic ball throwers you can view more of these at MiluMimi.

7. KONG Pet Stix Dog Toy

Pet Stix For The HolidaysThe Kon Pet Stix toy is an interactive toss and tug toy that is designed to look like one of dogs’ most favorite toys found in nature, a stick. Brown in color and ergonomically designed to be easy to pick up and carry.

The Kong Pet Stix are made of premium high grade nylon materials for durability and a small amount of stuffing.

This toy is safer than natural sticks that can leave bark slivers in your pet’s mouth. Great for games of tug of war and fetch with your doggie. Comes in three different sizes telp your dog get the healthy exercise that he or she needs. The perfect christmas, birthday or just because gift.

8. Chuckit! Indoor Ball

Fur Ball Toy For Our Furball FriendsIf you’re looking for a gift idea for your doggie, the Chuckit Indoor Ball is among the top picks.

This lightweight ball is perfect for playing indoor interactive games with your dog.

Made of Bounceflex Core technology, this ball measures 4.7 inches and is incredibly lightweight for you to easily throw or for your pet to pick up and carry.

Just enough bounce to keep them interested in the action. When it’s rainy or cold outside, you’ll have plenty of fun indoors. Made of durable materials for long wear, this ball is also compatible for use with the Chuckit ball launcher which is sold separately.

9. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Holiday Squeaking Dog Toys, Brown

Dogs love chasing squirrels in the yard, the local park or out in the wild during family outings. Can you imagine how much they will love having their own squirrels in the house? Your dog will love you for giving them the Outward Hound Hide A Squirrel squeaking dog toys.

This toy version of a squirrel comes with a soft stuffed tree trunk replica to make it seem even more realistic for your pet, and three durably crafted plush squirrel toys that squeak when you squeeze them.

Your dog will be thrilled with hours of squirrel hunting with his or her very own squirrels. For family entertainment that includes your pet as the star, simply stuff the squirrels in the trunk of the plus tree accessory, give them a few gentle squeezes to stimulate squeaking sound and watch your pet pull them out of the trunk. Highly recommended for holiday gift giving for your own doggies or to friends who have beloved pets.

10. Hip Doggie Red Snowflake Longjohns

What dog wouldn’t enjoy a stylish set of doggie longjohns for walks out in colder weather? This attractive and festive onesy designed for your dog is made from high quality cotton and will help keep their body warm on treks out in the snow or in cooler weather.Red PJ Outfit For Your Pomsky Dog

They can be worn outside or indoors as pajamas to keep your beloved pet warm on cool evenings.

The velcro closure makes these onesy style longjohns easy to put on and to take off.

Easy care with machine washable and dryable fabric. Comfortable and soft fleece with embroidered snowflake for a warm holiday feeling. This onesy makes an excellent christmas gift for your dog, or to give to a friend or relative who has a pet that they love and want to make comfortable.


There are many great gift items to choose from when shopping for a christmas gift for your dog. Dogs are much like children and they are thrilled with tasty snacks, treats, and novelty items that will inspire them to want to play or do other healthy activities. Your dog can benefit from a variety of different thoughtful and well designed gift items. Chew bones help to build strong and healthy teeth and keep them clean to avoid dental problems that can be costly and unhealthy for your pet. You could even get a Pet monitor (this is more fun for the owner than the dog!)
A variety of toys help your dog to maintain good physical and emotional health by keeping them active, physically fit and happy. Many choices have interactive features which can help to bring you and your pet closer together during play. Some others are designed for your dog to figure out on his own, helping to enhance their thinking and problem solving abilities.

Doggie clothing items are popular with most dog owners who have short haired pets and who live in cooler climates. Whatever your gift giving needs, you’ll surely be able to find the most appropriate and enjoyable christmas gift to give to your pet. The top ten christmas gifts for your dog is a collection of the most highly rated and best selling items which have been rated as safe for pets and recommended by others.