Here are the Top 12 Dog Jobs

At Pomsky Pals we spend a lot of time talking about Designer Dog breeds. The holidays are a time to be thankful and show appreciation for the work others do. For this reason I’ve decided to write an article about the top 12 dog jobs. Man kind have been working with their canine counterparts for a long time.

It is said that this interspecies relationship is one of the main reason mankind was able to strive so much. We will be discussing the various roles our canine friends take on to help us and others. Let’s get started.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy comes in many ways and what better way to help those in need than man’s best friend? Therapy dogs are used in many different settings but all with the same goal. These calm and gentle dogs are found in classrooms, hospices, retirement homes and disaster relief areas. This dog job requires dogs that are very good with people allowing them to enjoy comfort through touch.

War Dogs

Even in times of war our best friends are there to help us in times of need. With high success rates in bomb detection dogs are used in the field. War Dogs also put on their Therapy Dogs hat for veterans and other with PTSD issues. Some times their partners in the field will adopt them after the war for this very reason. War Dog adoptions have become a common program for many

Guide Dogs

Guide dog programs and schooling started in Germany after the first World War. The main focus of guide dogs is to assist the visually impaired. They also help those who have been injured in war or who have other disabilities. These dogs are very well trained to take the front seat in the naviagation of their owners. Many different breeds fill this role. Most used are Golden Retrievers, German Shepards and Labradors.

Herding Dogs

Dogs in this line of work are the masters of crowd control. On a genitic level dog breeds in this line of work are experts at rounding up sheep, cattle, other small animals and even humans. They are known to be able to herd hundreds of livestock at a time. The degree of concentration and control required to be a herding dog requires a high intellect with a touch of OCD.

The most common herding breeds used are the Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, Bearded Collie (Lassie) and the Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie). These breeds are all highly intellegent with the Border Collie being the number one intellegent dog breed in the world and the Sheltie in the number 6 spot.

Tracking and Hunting Dogs

Helping put food on the table is a huge responsibility sometimes even for us. These canine couterparts are excellent at tracking down prey and trained to not eat it. The breeds mostly associated with this importand dog job are Terriers, Bloodhounds, and Dachshunds.

Acting Dogs

Welcome to Hollywood! Beethoven, Bingo, Homeward Bound and more of our favorite movies all have dogs as part of the main cast. There is a lot of training involved to get these canines ready for the spotlight. All of these dogs vary in breed but take direction incredibly well which is the main ingredients to their success on the big screen.

Search and Rescue Dogs

This dog job requires a daily round of fetch. The difference here is these dogs are trained to find humans over large areas. Imagine having your job every day be to find and save humans. Man’s best friend is up to the job.

Detection Dogs

Some dogs search and retrieve humans but this dog’s job is to seek out many different things. These detective dogs are used at police stations, schools and borders. They are trained to find almost anything including drugs, money, humans, and explosives.

Sled Dogs

We touch a little on this topic at Pomsky Pals as the Siberian Husky is a main player in this dog job role. Our canine friends are trained to daily pull humans and heavy goods through harsh conditions. This dog job is in arctic climate and requires double coated dog breeds with excellent coordination. They must work as a team to get the job done. The main two breeds used are the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute.


Some teams and other organizations have dogs represent them. This offers an opportunity for fans and supporters to have that personal connection. Bulldogs are among the most commonly used for school teams.

Guard Dogs

Most dogs are great at alerting and some are great at warding of danger. The latter often hold the occupation of Guard Dogs. Some guard livestock while others keep soldiers and goods safe. Common breeds used to guard are the Belgian Malinois, Great Pyreness and Rottweiler.


The job that most of our best friends do for us is being part of our lives. They are there when you come home and will always be by your side ready to take on the day. Catching a freezbie and laying on the couch along with countless other joys are part of this ultimate dog job.


From this list you see there are many different Dog Jobs our canine couterparts help us with. Some save lives, others protect and many fascinate. Every job a dog does to help mankind is done because of their desire to please because of the special bond we share with them. This is a bond that has been in the making for thousands of years.

Though our canine friends help us do many great task it is the job of Man’s Best friend that is their role of a lifetime. Thank you for reading and for all your Pomsky information please check back with us at Pomsky Pals.