The Pomsky is currently one of the most popular designer dogs but there are plenty of crossbreeds that fit this description. This often leads to the question “What is a designer dog?” This article will go over what a designer dog is, the reason why they have become so popular and how this trend is growing with dog breeders. Lets dig in.

It seems like everyone is caught up in a fashion trend of some sort these days. Even when it comes to pets, people are getting more and more interested in purchasing designer dogs as opposed to getting a faithful friend from the local animal shelter. Why are designer dogs so important? What constitutes a designer dog and how does it differ from any other type of pet?

There are many reasons why these types of animals are so popular and why they are a growing trend with breeders, but it is important for you to do your research and know what you are buying before you spend any money. It is equally important to know about any potential health concerns or behavioral issues that may or may not be present in order for you to find out if a designer dog is truly the right choice for you and your family. Only then will you be able to make a decision that will work well for everyone, including your new pet.

Understanding What Constitutes a Designer Dog

If you are like many individuals, you may not even be entirely certain what a designer dog really is. For years, people either had purebred animals or they had animals that were mixed breed. In more recent years, designer dogs have become far more popular. Essentially, this type of breed can be defined as one that combines two distinctly different purebred breeds in order to create an entirely new dog breed.

In addition, a lot of these dogs are bred for specific reasons. They may be bred in order to produce a certain temperament, less shedding, or a specific size. The trend became popular with individuals that wanted to carry very small breeds of dogs with them everywhere they went. You undoubtedly have seen celebrities carrying dogs in their purses and virtually everywhere else. The trend was largely born from this particular habit, and now you can purchase a dog that is so small that it will literally fit inside a teacup.

The Reasons These Dogs Are So Popular

As previously mentioned, the popularity of these breeds started to ramp up when a lot of people were seeing other individuals that had celebrity status becoming more interested in designer dog breeds. However, many of these designer dogs have stamped themselves into daily life with individuals and as a result, they have become popular for reasons other than having some famous person carry them around all over the place.

The Pomeranian Husky or Pomsky isn’t the only popular designer dog. Another popular example is the chihuahua and pomeranian breed, often referred to as a Pomahuahua. These dogs have an excellent temperament and for the most part, this makes some work well with families that have small children.

Other breeds have become popular because they make exceptionally good guard dogs or they bark less than other dogs. Still others are popular because certain health issues that are commonly found in one breed have been minimized by combining them with another breed that does not experience the same problems on a regular basis. In other words, when done correctly, breeding a designer dog can create a superior animal which then creates its own degree of popularity within the general public.

A Growing Trend With Breeders

Because these types of dogs are so popular, many breeders are taking advantage of it by purposefully working to create more specific breeds. This is especially true of breeders that make their sole source of income by breeding dogs.

The biggest reason that breeders may want to consider breeding designer dogs is because fewer people are now interested in purchasing the traditional purebred animal. Instead, they want something that is completely unique. Sometimes this is because they are looking for very specific qualities in an animal and sometimes it is because they simply want to customize their pets in much the same fashion that they customize virtually everything else.

Whatever the reasons may be, breeders are responding to the demands of their customers and as such, they are working constantly to breed new and innovative designer dogs that can be the next big thing. Many breeders work very hard to do this in a responsible fashion and to ensure that they are not causing any detriment to a specific breed by changing their breeding practices.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Dog

Just as with any other situation, there are some specific things that you should know before you shell out any money for a new designer dog. The first thing that you should always do is thoroughly research anyone that you are considering purchasing a pet from in order to make sure that the breeder is responsible and that they are an organization that truly has the animals’ best interests at heart.

Here are some helpful articles with more information on this topic:

The next thing you have to worry about is whether or not any potential health concerns exist with a particular breed that you are interested in. The danger here is that with many designer dogs, it is not always fully understood what types of health conditions may come later on down the road. Truthfully, many breeds of designer dogs have simply not been around long enough to understand whether or not any certain trends exist concerning their health. As a result, you may not really be aware of what you are getting yourself into until you have had your pet for a number of years and it starts to experience problems.

If you want a designer dog, you may have to accept the fact that this is a risk you will have to take. Furthermore, the same could be said for any potential behavioral concerns. You may end up with a designer dog that is perfectly behaved or you could find yourself in a situation where you have one that experiences behavioral issues as a direct result of the combination of two breeds that are simply incompatible with each other. Again, your best defense against both behavioral and health concerns is to find a reputable breeder that knows what they are doing.


If you really want to know if a designer dog is right for you and your family, you should approach it in the same fashion as you approach the idea of getting any other pet. Figure out what you and everyone else in the family needs or wants and then start doing your research about breeders in order to find out if there is a designer dog out there that meets your family’s needs. As long as you take your time and you are diligent about the entire process, you can have a pet that both you and your family can love for years to come and you can make your new pet happy by welcoming it into the family.