Here Are Some Great Tips On How To Lower Your Dog’s Anxiety

Our four legged friends can often go through some really hard times. We as owners try to find effective ways to deal with dog anxiety. Canine fear and stress signs can be shown many different ways. Drooling, licking lips, trembling, freezing in place, biting, growling, whining and even yawning can all be signs of dog anxiety, fear and stress. Today we’ll be going over some helpful tips to lower your dog’s anxiety in some common situations.

Your Dog Home Alone

Some of our pets have a hard time when left alone. Many do fine if not left for long periods but some need extra comfort for our time away from them. There are a few ways to make your dog’s stress level lower when they are home alone. Leaving the television or music on at a low level has shown to help certain dogs. It’s also highly advised to use a pet setting service such as PugetPets where possible. Depending on your locality will dictate your options, I’d always advise having a home sitter or check-in service where possible

Other distractions like treats and puzzle toys can also help your friend stay busy and out of trouble during your time away. Compression shirts for dogs can let your pet know that things are going to be ok and provide additional comfort when your aren’t able to be at home with them. In more extreme cases you can get your dog an anti anxiety prescription from your vet.

Road Trips and Local Dog Rides

Dogs can be fine and often times enjoy a ride with the window down. It often times stimulates them mentally giving your dog new things to see during rides. Some dogs are stressed and get anxious while riding in cars. There can be many reasons for this. For a few dogs its a simple case of them only going for rides for vet visits.

The dog sees that getting in the car and going for a ride means going to the vet. Others are simply uncomfortable or can get car sick. If you dog has anxiety riding in a car here are some things you can do to ease their stress.

  • Take your dog for brief trips around the block or neighborhood then come home. For dogs afraid of the vet ride this gives your dog a new association with riding in a car that doesn’t have a bad ending. For dogs that are just uncomfortable in a car this give them a short trip to get more use to the experience.
  • The extra secure feeling of a carrier or doggie carseat might help ease the tension your pet may go through when riding in a car.
  • Dogs seem to do better with compression shirts when presented with an unfamiliar or potentially stressful situation.
  • Car rides can be disorienting for some dogs. Prescription medication may be needed if your dog has to travel in a car for long periods of time. Things like cracking the window and making sure your dog is facing forward may help with car sick canines. This may be a good alternative to prescriptions.


Some dogs are ok with being groomed and other fight every step of the way. Most professional groomers understand dog mannerism and have tricks to help subdue the dog for a calm low stress grooming experience.

Dispite even the best groomer’s efforts some dogs just don’t like being groomed and have anxiety during these trips. So grooming your pet yourself can definitely cause anxiety and stress for both you and your canine. Below are some ways to better your dog’s grooming stress.

  • Get your dog use to your touch by handling them gently before you start. Grab their paws, look at their teeth and ears so they can get use to your touch.
  • Its best to take your dog for a walk or play with them before a grooming session.
  • If you are going to do nail trimming yourself start with one nail and only slightly trim the nail. Continue this with each nail being sure to not go too far. You will get experience and be able to do the job quicker and safer.

Taking Your Dog To The Vet

Holding your dog and petting them can help calm them during a vet visit. Dogs are in an unfamiliar situation and need to feel secure during this trip. Remember that these trips are necessary for your pet’s well being and making them feel comfortable during each visit will make the experience easier on them, you and the vet.


When leaving your pet at home be sure to provide some form of comfort, entertainment and/or security to help your dog during your time away. When you take your dog for rides be sure and do this at their pace.

Take short trips for dogs that get anxious to get them use to it and follow the other steps for your dog’s particular needs. If you decide to groom your dog yourself make sure you get them comfortable before you start and take it slow.

During your dog’s vet visit offer them reassurance by petting and talking to them. Following these steps above will help you lower your dog’s anxiety and provide a low stress experience in a potentially uncomfortable situation. Thanks for reading and for all your Pomsky breeder information and news check back with us at Pomsky Pals.