10 Tips on How to Entertain Your Dog

Dogs (even Pomskies) can become badly behaved, destructive, or even aggressive if they become too bored as a result of being unoccupied or left alone for long periods of time. Sometimes dog walking can be extremely time consuming and can be impossible due to other commitments, and toys can be expensive and need replacing quickly.

By thinking about different ways to amuse your dog you can provide them with plenty of activities and stimulation to help keep them content and well entertained.

These ten points provide you with some information to help you find alternative ways to amuse your Pomsky helping them to remain happy and well behaved;

1. Provide your dog with a variety of toys

By giving your dog a wide variety of different toys you will prevent them from becoming bored with them, make sure your regularly replace or rotate their toys, giving them a few different ones a couple of times a week.

These is a wide range of toys available on the market with a variety of different feature. It is possible to get toys that dispense food if the dog can work out how to get to it and other puzzle toys that can improve your Pomsky’s problem solving skills and keep them busy trying to work out how to release the treats.

You don’t always need to spend a lot on expensive toys, it is possible to create your own dogs toy by tying up an old t.shirt or other item made from cloth, or by giving them an old teddy or other item that you no longer need that they can safely chew. In addition to this, it’s probably wise to invest in a few tough toys for heavy chewers. It’s crucial that you solve your dogs natural instinct to chew heavily.

Giving your dog a bone or really tough chew can help occupy them if you need to leave them alone for a while and enjoyment of the food will help to distract them from the fact they have been left behind.

2. Play games to stretch their minds

Playing games that encourage your Pomsky to think and use their senses will help to tire out their brains.

Try placing some treats around the house while your dog waits, then encourage them to go and find them. Start off by making it simple until your dog begins to understand, then begin hiding them in places that are more difficult once they get the idea and begin to get better at finding them.

Alternatively you could play this with a favourite toy by hiding it and them giving them plenty of praise if they can find the toy and return it to you.

3. Let your Pomsky burn off some energy and have some fun

Your Pomsky is guaranteed to really enjoy classic games like fetch or tug, you can either play these most places. These games can really help your dog to gain a good understanding of basic commands like ‘wait’ and ‘drop it’ as well as burning off plenty of energy and providing your dog with lots of fun.

Dogs are fascinated by bubbles and will enjoy trying to catch them, doggy bubbles are available although ones produced for children are perfectly safe to dogs, this is a really simple way to amuse your dog for a while.

4. Teach your dog new skills

By choosing the right games to play with your Pomsky you can help them learn and develop plenty of new skills.

To help your dog develop better scent recognition skills play the what hand game, where you hide a treat in one fist and let the dog pick which hand it’s in. This helps them to learn to rely more on their sense of smell to help them solve problems. The three cup game, where you hide a treat under one and mix the cups up before letting the dog choose which one has the treat under it is a variation of this.

Busy Dogs are Happy Dogs

Mental stimulation can help your dog learn new tricks and keep them busy. Photo from 1funny.com.

To help improve word recognition and the ability to respond correctly to commands teach your dog the name of their toys, begin with one item and tell your dog what it is called, then place the item away from you and tell your dog to go and retrieve it, each time they get the item you named reward them with plenty of praise.

Once they have learned the name of a toy properly try hiding it somewhere fairly easy and ask you dog to find it for you, you can make this harder for them as they improve by hiding them in more difficult place or by introducing more objects

Teaching your dog simple tasks like collecting the post can help your Pomsky feel worthwhile and like they have something to do, you can also train your dog to retrieve items for you such as slippers or their lead helping to improve obedience and also helping to build a better relationship with your dog.

Along with maintaining obedience and improving word recognition teaching your dog a new trick can be rewarding and a lot of fun, some dogs actually quite enjoy performing.

5. Practice the basics of obedience training

Having a dog that is able to follow basic commands and can sit, wait and come when called is the basic foundations of having a well behaved dog.

Regularly practice them with your Pomsky to make sure that they respond properly and remember them. You can make this more enjoyable for your dog by incorporating them into a simple game like fetch.

There are many products available that are designed to help encourage obedience such clickers, visit your local pet store or have a look online to find out more about how they can be used.

6. Let your dog socialize

Dogs are sociable creature and love being able to run around and play with other dogs, by letting your dog have plenty of interaction with friends they will become less wary of other unknown dogs and will cope better with new situations.

Arranging a doggy play date at your home is a great way for your Pomsky to be able to spend some time playing and bonding with a friend, just make sure that you have prepared your house for the visit, making sure all breakables are safely out the way!

Going to visit other dogs in their homes or arranging to meet up with a fellow dog owner out somewhere is also a great way to provide social interaction for your dog as well as you. Some people have a walking buddy that they regularly walk with so their dogs can socialise, or attend groups where people meet up to let their dogs play together.

7. Let your Pomsky experience new things

Dogs love the intrigue of things they haven’t seen before, by letting your dog have plenty of experiences they will never be bored and will have the chance to learn all about the world.

Vary the places that you take your Pomsky and let them meet plenty of new people and dogs, this will help them to gain confidence when being in unfamiliar surroundings.

Let them try a variety of foods and treats and give them the opportunity to experience different things like getting wet, climbing, going out in different weather and jumping over things this will help them to remain fit and encourage them to adapt to different environments and situations.

8. Relax with your dog

Simply sitting and stroking your dog or paying them some loving attention will help them to feel secure and loved, making them form a much tighter bond with you.

Some people learn how to do doggy massage to soothe and relax their dog. This can be helpful if your dog is anxious or stressed and also to help relieve pain from medical conditions such as arthritis.

9. Groom your dog regularly

Although it may not appeal to your Pomsky so much regular grooming and maintenance of coat and claws is an essential part of their health and well being.

By providing your dog with plenty of praise they can learn to be more tolerant of this process and it serves as a great way to improve their ability to respond to commands for a fixed period of time. This will help to use your dogs brain power leaving them tired out and wanting a rest.

10. Get your dog out and about

Dog need to go out regularly even if you don’t always have the time to take them for a really long walk or there is no where suitable nearby to let them off the lead to have a run.

By taking your dog with you when you are running errand they will still get to go out for a short amount of time and have a change of scenery, even if it is just for a drive in the car. By being somewhere different your dog won’t feel so disappointed about not receiving their usual walk.

If there is nowhere nearby where you can let you dog have a good run try taking a ball or other toy with them so you can make the most of the space that is available to, or try using the time to improve on some training by encouraging your dog to walk by your side of the lead or practising commands.