Ever Ask How Rare Are Dogs With Green Eyes?

If you have been looking through our Pomsky puppies for sale pages or have been a Pomeranian Husky enthusiast you may notice that sometimes they have one or two green eyes. This color is rare even in Pomskies. Different dog breeds often show consistent eye colors (particularly in pure breeds). The most popular eye color found in canines is brown followed by amber and then of course blue! So how rare are dogs with green eyes?

Dog Breed With Green Eyes

Lets start first with knowing that there is only one dog breed known for this. The only dog breed with consistent green colored eyes is the American Pit Bull. To found out more about this breed I recommend checking out the The American Pit Bull Terrier information site.

How To Get A Green Eyed Dog

Green Eyed Dog

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Most green eyed dogs appear in mixed breed only (outside of the American Pit Bull). This is because certain genetic variations allow for puppies to be born with on or two green eyes.

Often times variations of amber and brown will appear as if the dog breed has green eyes but is often times only that. Certain puppies will have green eyes during birth but often will turn to an amber color in adulthood.

Are Green Eyed Pomsky Puppies For Sale Often?

From time to time we get a Pomsky puppy for sale on our site with one or two green eyes. Most of the time the Pomsky puppies have blue or brown eyes. You can check out additional information on our Pomsky Puppies For Sale page or our Live Pomsky Breeder Updates page. Please note that our live breeder page will take around 15 seconds to load.


Any puppy that has green eyes into to adulthood will most likely be a mixed breed or be an American Pit Bull. The chances of producing the green eye color outside of the American Pit bull breed are slim. You are more likely to see a green eyed puppy if one or more of the parents already have this rare eye color. So how rare are dogs with green eyes? Very!

Some of our Pomsky puppies listed on this site do have green eyes but rarely. You can find out more about what causes the blue eyed trait in canines by reading our article Blue Eyed Dog Breeds. You will find most breeds have eye colors in the following popularity order: Brown, amber, blue and rarely green (or variation). I hope this article has been helpful and for all of your Pomsky information please keep reading at Pomsky Pals.