Here Are 5 Tips To Save Money On Dog Training

Some of us have trouble getting our dog trained by ourselves. We either lack the knowledge or experience to properly train our pet. Dog training is not only great for puppies but can help any dog with certain issues. Today we’ve put together these 5 tips to save money on dog training that you and your canine can benefit from. Let’s get started.

Dog Training Classes

For an economically sound investment you may want to invest in dog training classes. These are training sessions with other dogs and dog owners. Its an affordable way to teach your pet and you some helpful tips/tricks.

This also provides a great opportunity for your dog to socialize. With our work schedules some dogs are left home for a considerable amount of time and being around other dogs may be a great side benefit.

You are sharing your trainer with other members of the group so if you desire something closer to one-on-one you may consider private or semi private dog lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons For Your Dog

This is a great option for those dog owners that want a more intimate approach than group classes. This is a more affordable option than one-on-one private dog training. Dog training fees can be rather high with a person dog trainer but semi-private dog lessons offer a smaller group (usually just one/two other participants and their dogs). For those dog and their owners that are uncomfortable in large groups semi-private lessons allow for less noise and more focus.

Disounted Training

This is also known as subsidized training. These discounts are often offered when your pet is from a shelter or a rescue. These classes usually take place at rescue facility for adopted pets and PetSmart has partnered with some local shelters to offer discounted training for their classes. Each rescue center is different so if you are considering adopting or have adopted a dog from a shelter check with them about this discount.

Workshops and Seminars

Some do not have the time for 6 week dog training courses. Our busy schedules can sometimes get in the way of making sure our dog gets proper training. Full training is recommended but for those of you short on time workshops and seminars are a great alternative.

YouTube Lessons

On YouTube their are several really good dog training tutorial videos. While many of these are great their are a lot of bad dog training examples. Check comments, likes and views to better gauge how well a dog training video is before watching.

The price of these being free is you may spend some time finding the really good quality training videos. The good news is when you find one really good training guide they often times have a dedicated channel with many other dog training videos.


Their are several great way to get your canine up to speed on the best training practices. I hope these 5 tips to save money on dog training have given you some good ideas on what will work best for you and your pet. Remember while money is important nothing usually beats a great dog trainer in a semi-private training session (except of course a one-on-one dog trainer).

These are all great options. Pick something that fits in your schedule and allows your dog to get quality training. For everything about Pomskies and puppy information be sure and check back with us at Pomsky Pals.