Here Are 5 Things Not To Bring To The Dog Park

Some people enjoy bringing their best friends to the dog park. They do this to help socialize, excersize and play with there canine companions. While this is a great idea certain measures need to be taken to ensure a safe and fun trip for all dogs at the dog park. Here are 5 things not to bring to the dog park.


Those who smoke will often times do so anywhere. While some would say that secondhand smoking outside is not a concern the simple fact is this activity doesn’ t below in a doggy park. It is a carcinogen and gives off a terrible odor for some. You think we smell the odor then imagine what all the dogs around this are smelling!

The other issue with people who smoke at a dog park is littering. Most people that smoke even now will just toss their butts on the ground and move on. This isn’t good anywhere but especially not where a dog could eat them. Best practice is to avoid smoking at or around a dog park.

An alternative solution is to stop smoking altogether. There are many different methods you could try even though it’s hard. Why not try vaping instead? It might not be the best healthy solution but it’s easier than going cold turkey. You could try out something like this French online site called Grossiste Vaporisateur if this is something that you want to try.


First, this is a great excersize and for those who want to get a good cardio workout this is great. If you plan to bring your bike to a dog park you should reconsider. The idea of you riding your bike and getting excercize while your dog runs along side may seem like a good idea but not at a dog park.

Some dogs may feel the need to give chase to a moving bike, accidentally be hit or you could run over poop. Try running with your dog or engaging in a game of fetch and leave the bike at home.

Dog Toys

You’re about to leave with your dog to head to the dog park. Now you are thinking about bringing their favorite toys so they have more stuff to do on this exciting adventure. This is a bad idea for a few reasons.

Your dog may be territorial with their toy or other dogs may want to play/take your pet’s toy. This can lead to uneeded aggression. This can also be poor canine hygiene as a bunch of other dogs could start chewing on the toy.


Under no circumstances should you bring food into a dog park. Even if your dog understands boundaries surrounding people food other dogs may not have the same table manners.

Young Puppies

Most young puppies still have to get shots before being overly socialized. Even if they are up to date on all their shots introducing a young puppy to a dog park before they are ready can be a bad idea. They still have basic training that needs to be done before they are up for a dog park.

On another note your young puppy may pick up bad habits from other canines at a dog park. It is best to lay the ground work for good behavior before venturing out with your puppy to a dog park. If you are still able to count your puppy’s age by weeks they probably aren’t ready for a dog park.


Dog parks can be a lot of fun for both you and your dog. You can get them the much needed excersize they want and get them in a safe environment to run around. Avoid bringing cigarettes, bicycles, dog toys, human food and puppies that are too young to the dog park.

By not bringing these 5 things to a dog park you will offer a safer experience to all dogs involved. I hope you enjoyed this article and for everything Pomsky be sure and check back with us at Pomsky Pals.