Great Games For Dogs That Your Pet Will Love

On more than one occasion we will look at our furry friends and notice they can get bored. Dog’s are very intelligent and often the side effect of their intelligence is boredom. Some of you pet owners may even notice that if you don’t do regular excercises with your dog they can get into trouble.

So what are some great games for dogs that will keep your pet busy? Today we will be going over great game ideas for your dog. Let’s get started.

Learn Toy Names

Dogs can learn many words and this is a great way to teach your pet their toys names. By doing this you can entertain your dog and help them with the second dog game on our list. The best way to begin teaching them this game is to start with one toy.

I would start with their favorite. Start playing with them with this one toy and calling it by its name. Dogs will have value in their toys if they enjoy playing with them. By constantly repeating the name of the toy your dog will start to pick up on it. After doing this with a few different toys your dog will start to understand the association.

Pick Up Toys

After teaching your dog the value of certain toys you can teach them to pick up after themselves! This will take a little patience and you will need to make sure they are able to associate the toy names. You can start this dog game by having your dog pick up the toy near the crate or box (wherever the toys are stored).

Then have them “drop it” over the storage box or crate. This will take some time but keep repeating this technique until your dog can do it on a regular basis. As they get better at this game move the toys further away from the storage and repeat.

Tug of War

Here is an easier dog game that won’t require much learning. Dogs tend to love this game (puppies in particular). This is great excercise for your pet and great for bonding. You can get a rope toy or something that is easy for you to hold and your dog to grab the other end.


Ok so “shake” is more of a trick than a game but it is easy for your dog to learn and stimulates their mind also. This is done best when their is a reward system. Have treats and praise ready for when your dog successfully performs the “shake” trick properly. Here is a great article on Teaching Your Dog to¬†Shake.

Interactive Dog Games

These are great for stimulating your dogs mind. Dogs need mental as well as physical excercise. There are all kinds of interactive games for you dog. Here are some of the best ones we found: Best Interactive Dog Games.


Keeping your dog busy with these great dog games is the best way to have a happy pet. Let these and other activities strengthen the bond between you and your canine friend. Thank you for ready and be sure and check back with us for all your Pomsky and other dog information and Pomsky Pals.