Project Description

Vaca Valley Pomskies

Vaca Valley Pomskies is located between San Francisco and Sacramento California. This Pomsky breeder’s Facebook page was created on February 19, 2014. This Pomeranian Husky breeder also claims to be the first in the world to successfully breed a Pomsky with a Pomsky. They are registered with Pomsky Club of America. The guidelines for approved PCA breeders are created to ensure that the safest Pomsky breeding practices.


Pomsky breeders in general usually set their pricing according to the puppy’s markings, coat quality, mask, eye color and other features. Vaca Valley Pomskies prices range from $2,500 to $4,000. Putting this in an example lets say you are interested in buying a smaller Pomsky puppy that has ideal Husky markings. This puppy has two blue eyes. Pricing for this Pomsky would be closer to the high end. If you were interested in a puppy that was average size with bi colored eyes the price may be lower.

Waiting List

They frequently update their Facebook page with puppy information. This is a great way to keep people interested in buying a Pomsky up to date on current available puppies. In most cases most of their puppies are sold before they are born. Those interested should get in touch with them through their Facebook page or via email requesting an application.


We were unable to find any information on their shipping policy or if they have one. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy from them or getting on their waiting list please contact them directly through their Facebook page or email.


As with all PCA approved breeders Vaca Valley Pomskies breed their puppies in the safest manner possible. While not listed officially on their Facebook page all PCA approved breeders have strict guidelines to follow. Vaca Valley Pomskies also has claimed to have successfully bred a Pomsky with a Pomsky. Please get in touch with them for more information.

What if I Want to Breed Pomskies?

Vaca Valley Pomskies doesn’t currently list breeding rights as an option. This may mean they still offer it but you should ask as most PCA approved breeders do have a policy.