Project Description

Smoky Mountain Pomskies

Smoky Mountain Pomskies is a family owned breeder located near Nashville, TN. This Pomeranian Husky breeder opened it’s doors in November 2014 and is registered with Pomsky Club of America. All breeders registered with PCA must follow strict guidelines to ensure healthy Pomsky puppies. This way you know their puppies are bred with the best practices in mind.


As with most Pomsky breeders pricing for Smoky Mountain Pomskies is based on size, markings, coat quality, eye color, and other key factors. Puppies range from $2,500 to $4,000. To give an example a smaller Pomsky with Siberian Husky ideal markings and two blue eyes might be closer to the higher end price. On the other hand a puppy with brown eyes that is a little larger may be lower in price. Pomsky pups that are in the middle would also be priced accordingly.

Waiting List

They update their Facebook and website frequently with waiting list details. This means once they know a litter is on the way they will open their waiting list. Once their waiting list is open a $500 dollar deposit will be required to those who are approved. Pomsky puppy deposits are not refundable but can be transferred to future litters. Smoky Mountain Pomskies state that if there aren’t enough puppies for the current litter those with deposits will be on their waiting list for future litters. People on the waiting list can opt to be removed at any time but in doing so they will lose their deposit. They follow the guidelines set with being a PCA breeder. This includes if at any time they feel the potential puppy buyer isn’t an ideal match they reserve the right to return their deposit.


They do offer shipping to those that need their Pomsky puppy shipped to them for the continental 48 states. There is a $500 dollar charge. International buyers (including Canada) can ask to have their puppy shipped. Please note that these requests are approved on a case by case basis. They take care of everything for United States shipping. Puppy buyers will need to provide identification at their local airport during pick up. Those living outside the continental USA please find out quarantine rules and regulations regarding shipping prior to requests. During the holiday season they reserve the right to schedule delivery based on pricing and availability. Extra charges may be required during the holiday season if airline shipping is more expensive.


Smoky Mountain Pomskies breed their puppies in the safest manner. This means the Siberian Husky is always the Dam and the Pomeranian parent is always the Sire. Breeding Pomskies the natural way has resulted in a small success rate. Because of this all breeding is done through artificial insemination. They learned about the process from the original Pomsky breeder Tressa Peterson. She is from Apex Pomskies another featured Pomsky breeder on our site. Again safety is their number one concern and all breeding practices are done to provide a safe environment to produce healthy puppies.

What if I Want to Breed Pomskies?

They do offer a breeder contract for an additional $1000 and 2nd pick of the first litter. Approval will depend on the candidates artificial insemination and overall breeding knowledge. Those approved can asked Smoky Mountain Pomskies questions to help them on their way. Approved candidates will also need to register with Pomsky Club of America while following their guidelines to ensure quality. This breeder also reserves with right to refuse a breeder contract. Any puppy purchase without an approved breeder contract must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. If surgery or the puppy being sick delays having your puppy fixed proof from your vet will be required. Those who do not adhere to these strict rules will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Violation of the contract could result in having to return the Pomsky puppy with no refund.