Project Description

Rose Peek Pomskies

Rose Peek Pomskies is a small family owned breeder based in Prescott, AZ. They are a family owned kennel registered with Pomsky Club of America. When a breeder is registered with this exclusive club they have to follow a strict code of ethics. This ensures the best breeding practices and healthy puppies. All of their Pomskies live indoors and are treated like family before they go to their forever home. They have a large outdoor area to make sure their puppies get plenty of exercise.


First and foremost Rose Peek Pomskies breed for temperaments and markings. They strive to produce puppies with the most desirable traits and of course the Siberian Husky markings. The price of their Pomskies are between $2,000 and $5,000. Puppy prices are based on several factors. Eye color, markings, and size are the main considerations when pricing the puppy. For example, a puppy with two blue eyes and perfect Husky markings will go for the most while bi colored, green, and brown eyed Pomskies will be on the lower end. Variations would be middle of the road in terms of pricing. So if a puppy had brown eyes and perfect markings it would be somewhere in the middle as far as price.

Waiting List

When the puppies are around 4 to 5 weeks Rose Peek Pomskies will post questions and pictures on their Facebook page. People interested should message them through Facebook to start the application process. The no longer offer a deposit list so the best way to get a Pomsky through them is by following this process. It is also important to note that this breeder prefers you to contact them through Facebook. They like to use their website for informational purposes only so getting in touch with them that way may result in delayed or no response.


Currently they do offer shipping but have noted this may change so be sure and double check with them before starting the application process. At the time of this post they offer shipping to the 48 continental states. Shipping a puppy will cost $300 for the United States and $500 for Canada. They do not offer overseas shipping at this time. They will make all the arrangements for those interested in shipping. All you will need to do is pick up your new friend from your local airport and provide a photo ID.


Pomsky breeding is a fairly expensive affair. Artificial insemination is required in most cases for successful breeding. The puppies are cared for and watched over until they go to their forever homes. Rose Peek Pomskies follows Pomsky Club of America’s strict code of ethics during the entire breeding process. For more questions on their breeding process you can get in touch with them via Facebook.

What if I Want to Breed Pomskies?

All puppies sold must be spayed or neutered by the time they are 6 months old. If you wish to become a Pomsky breeder you will need to get in touch with Pomsky Club of America and ask for an application. If accepted there will be an additional fee of $1,000 for breeding rights. Rose Peek Pomskies will have the right to 2nd pick of the first litter of Pomsky puppies. They will help get you started and be there for you for any questions you may have.

It should also be noted that any attempt to breed Pomskies secretly will be viewed as a breech of contract. Proof that the puppy has been spayed or neutered by 6 months is required. Those who cannot provide proof and haven’t been approved as a breeder will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This may also result in you losing your Pomsky. Delays in the puppy being spayed or neutered for health reasons will require a note from a licensed vet. In short make sure you follow the rules required in the agreement either way.