Project Description

Patriot Pomskies

Patriot Pomskies is located in Strafford, Missouri and is a proud member of the Pomsky Club of America. They are a reputable breeder with a Facebook page that is updated regularly. Below you will find all the Pomsky information we could find on this breeder. You can go to there Facebook page or website for additional information.


Pomsky pricing varies from breeder to breeder. Patriot Pomskies puppies are priced between $2,500 and $3,500. The more desirable traits from a puppy will reflect in the price. For example if you wanted a Pomsky puppy with two blue eyes, smaller in size and a perfect mask you may find it on the higher end in pricing.  A normal size Pomsky puppy with brown eyes may cost $2,000 for example.

Waiting List

Their Pomsky puppy waiting list is announced on their Facebook page. They will let you know when the are accepting applications. Patriot Pomskies will require a $500 deposit from chosen canditates. You will have 48 hours to pay the initial deposit. They put the deposit toward the purchase of the puppy and place you on their waiting list. The applicant will be able to pick a puppy from one of their three litters. This is a unique feature as most other waiting list from other breeders works more traditionally (1 particular litter). As with other waiting list if those on a waiting list don’t see the puppy they would like they have the option to pass and wait for the next litter. This passing option can be done for two litters. All deposits are non refundable. This includes those who haven’t selected a Pomsky puppy by the second pass. Please click on their Pomsky Promise for additional information.


Patriot Pomskies has a strict NO SHIPPING policy for their puppies. They do understand that buyers will be from other states but require that you pick up your puppy in person. They are happy to meet you at the local airport if needed. Please get in touch with them for alternatives to shipping.


Being a PCA approved breeder they follow guidelines that ensure safety and healthy puppies. Pomsky buyers will be given puppies with fully updated shots and DNA test documentation. Please get in touch with this breeder for additional information.

What if I Want to Breed Pomskies?

At the time of this post Patriot Pomskies does NOT offer this option. All of their puppies come with a strict spay/neuter agreement. This must be done by 6 months old for females and 8 months for males. Proof will be required.

Vaca Valley Pomskies doesn’t currently list breeding rights as an option. This may mean they still offer it but you should ask as most PCA approved breeders do have a policy.