Project Description

Paramount Pomskies

This small family oriented Pomsky breeder is located just outside of Nashville, TN. Paramount Pomskies is registered with Pomsky Club of America and adheres to a strict code of ethics. They practice the safest methods when it comes to breeding. This ensures happy healthy puppies that will be great forever friends. They are also very good about updating their Facebook page on a regular basis. This keep you in the loop on current and upcoming litters.


Like most of our breeders listed Paramount Pomskies puppies are priced according to their breed ratio and attributes. Their Pomskies that are half Pomeranian and half Siberian Husky will be around $2,000 to $3,500. This will be determined by the puppy’s size, markings, coat quality, and eye color. They also sell Pomskies that are 25% Husky and 75% Pomeranian. These puppies are smaller on average and go for $3,000 to $4,000. As with any breeder this full price range isn’t necessarily going to be available every litter. Some litters only produce puppies with certain traits that will affect pricing. For instance one litter may have several blue eyed pups while another may only have one or none.

They prefer you pay with Paypal but sometimes will accept money orders. All Pomskies must be paid in full before going to their forever home. Payment plans are not offered.

Waiting List

Pomskies are currently very rare and Paramount Pomskies can’t accommodate every person who would like one. That being said you can put down a $500 deposit to get on their waiting list. Their list tends to fill up quickly so be sure and check their Facebook page for announcements. They are very informative and let you know how to apply. To ensure that your waiting time isn’t too long they keep their list relatively short.

Once your application has been approved the average wait time is around 6 months. Like with any breeder Paramount Pomskies can not say for sure when a new litter will be available. They also will not be able to approve every person who wants a puppy. They select people they think will be the best fit for their Pomskies. If you do get accepted your deposit will be put toward the price of your puppy and all deposits are non refundable. On average you can expect them to have a litter every 3-4 months.

Health Guarantee

Before the puppies go to their forever homes Paramount Pomskies make sure they are DNA tested and registered with Pomsky Club of America. All puppies have a 2 year health guarantee. Your Pomsky will be up to date on all their wormings and vaccinations. Once your puppy arrives you will have 3 business days to take them to a veterinarian for examination. If their is anything wrong health wise with the puppy you will be able to return them and get your money back. They also will let you get another puppy to replace the one returned.


Paramount Pomskies understands that not every new owner will be able to pick up their new friend in person. Shipping is offered for an additional $350 for the 48 continetal states and $550 for Canada. All you will need to do is drive to your nearest airport to pick up your Pomsky and provide a photo ID. They do offer purchasing from outside Canada and the United States, but the new owners will need to pick up the puppy as shipping overseas is not currently offered.

Can I Breed Pomskies?

All Pomskies purchased will come neutered or spayed. The only exceptions to this will be Pomsky Club of America approved breeders. To start this process the potential breeder will need to sign a breeder contract agreement and apply to Pomsky Club of America. Once approved their will be an additional fee of $1,000 for breeding rights. This agreement will include Paramount Pomskies the right to have second pick of your first litter.

Certain measures are put in place to discourage breeding puppies outside of these guidelines. They require that the buyer prove that the puppy has been neutered or spayed by the time they are 6 months old. The only exception for delay would be health related and require proof from a licensed vet. Failure to provide this proof could result in prosecution for breech of contract.