Project Description

Middle Tennessee Pomskies

This breeder is very good about updating their Facebook fanpage. They seem to fill up rather quickly on the waiting list. I’ve even seen them post ultrasound photos when Pomsky pups are on the way. Middle Tennessee Pomskies as a breeder are very committed to getting photos and videos of their new puppies out. The photos are high quality and very descriptive. They have gone the extra mile and even made a VIP (Very Important Pomskies) page. It is a community page where new Pomsky owners can get to know one another, post pictures, ask questions, and more. This page is an invite only and applicants must own a Middle Tennessee Pomsky to qualify.

Puppy Deposits

You can put a deposit on their future Pomsky litters. Deposits are $500 after an initial screening process. Being a Pomsky Club of America breeder they follow the best regulations. Their deposits are non refundable. Deposits can, however, be used for future litters if their aren’t enough puppies available.

Waiting List

They wait till the puppies are about 5 weeks old. At this time they can tell their eye color and will begin to post videos and photos of the litter. The first pick is given in deposit order. Potential puppy owners can always transfer their deposits to future litters to get closer to the front of the line. As with most breeders Middle Tennessee Pomskies will have the option to choose before first pick. At the time of selection the new puppy owner must pay the balance in full to lock their spot. This must be done by the puppy’s 6th week. If for some reason you can’t pay in full you will have to wait for the next litter. This is because their Pomskies will be getting ready for their forever homes at 8 weeks and arrangements will need to be made by then.

Their Puppy Pricing

Middle Tennessee Pomskies puppy prices vary. They weigh thing like markings, size, coat, and eye color. On the low end expect to pay $2,500 and $3,500 on the higher side. These prices are not necessarily the same for every litter. Some litters may only have pups that meet lower or higher end factors. These litters will only offer prices in that range.

Health Guarantee

Thorough puppy inspections are done to ensure healthy puppies. This meticulous process includes DNA testing, registration with Pomsky Club of America, worming, and vaccinations. Their health guarantee is for 2 years.


They offer shipping to the continental 48 United States for $300 and Canada for $500. Middle Tennessee Pomskies make all the arrangements. The new puppy owner will only need to provide a photo ID when picking up their new friend from the airport. They don’t offer overseas shipping including Hawaii.

What is the average wait time for a Pomsky?

They do their best to keep each new owner waiting 6 months or less. Obviously no one can say exactly when a litter will be conceived or born. They do promise that if you are on their waiting list you will be guaranteed a puppy but ask for your patience. They only like to take around 10 deposits at any one time because they put quality and the health of their Pomsky puppies ahead of “puppy mill” practices.

Do all their Pomskies come spayed or neutered?

Middle Tennessee Pomskies requires all puppy owners to spayed or neutered their puppy by the time the Pomsky is six months old. For owners who are interested in breeding Pomskies there is an option to pay an additional $1,000 for breeding rights. Upon approval they reserve the right in the agreement to get 2nd pick from the new owners first litter of puppies. Part of this approval process is successfully joining Pomsky Club of America. They also will offer guidance for new breeders. This arrangement is non negotiable. If you want a puppy that will not have to be fixed you will have to meet these requirements.