Project Description

Brookside Pomskies

Located in Plymouth, Utah Brookside Pomskies is an established Pomsky breeder. They are registered with the Pomsky Owner’s Association. Members of POA are required to follow a strict code of ethics. These guidelines ensure Pomsky breeders follow the best breeding practices. Brookside Pomskies is dedicated to breeding healthy Pomsky puppies on their farm.


The cost of a Pomsky puppy can vary depending on coat quality, mask, markings, eye color, and other features. Brookside Pomskies puppies start at $1600 up to $4000 based on markings and eye color. This breeder has more pricing options based on other factors. If the Pomsky puppy has blue eyes it is an additional $500. Merle or Irish markings are also $500. Puppies with a true Husky mask will cost $3000. If that same puppy were to have blue eyes it would be $3500 ($3000 plus $500 because of their blue eyes). While most puppy prices max out at $4000, if the Pomsky for sale was blue (a premium coat color) and had blue eyes it would cost $4000 with an additional $500.

Waiting List

Brookside Pomskies has potential Pomsky buyers first fill out their Puppy Adoption Application to start the process. They request you to be as detailed as possible when filling out the application. There is a $350 deposit if they have any available puppies. If no puppies are currently available those who have put a deposit can be placed on their waiting list. For more information on this please visit their website or get in touch with them via Facebook.


They offer to ship to the United States and Canada. The shipping cost inside the United States is $375 and Canada is $500. They offer the option to have a nanny to fly with your new Pomsky puppy in the cabin shipping for the United States and Canada. Shipping with a nanny in the United States is $550 and $950 for Canada. Brookside Pomskies flies most of their puppies via Delta. They will put the puppy on a different airline if Delta doesn’t offer a nonstop flight. New Pomsky owners picking up their puppy will need their driver’s license and airway billing number.


This breeder’s puppies all get obedience training. Brookside Pomskies pride themselves on sending well-socialized puppies to their forever home. Puppies start potty training at 5 weeks. All are raised around children and have good temperaments.

What if I Want to Breed Pomskies?

You can purchase breeding rights from Brookside Pomskies for an additional $500. More information on their process wasn’t provided at the time of this listing. Please get in touch with them to find out more.

Everything They Send with Their Pomsky Puppies

This breeder sends quite a bit with each puppy. All of their puppies are dewormed and microchipped. They also come vaccinated and a Continental Kennel Clu (CKC) registration. The puppies are registered with the International Pomsky Association. A puppy care package, their parents’ DNA results, and a 1-year health guarantee is also included.