Project Description

Arctic Design Pomskies

If you are looking for a personal hands on experience when buying a Pomsky Arctic Design Pomskies might be just the place for you. They take the time to carefully plan their breeding and focus on personality and health of their puppies. Their dedication to furthering the Pomsky breed is the motivation behind this breeder’s puppy principles. Making sure to stay focused on providing quality puppies they never have more than four female dogs at one time. They treat their dogs like family and all of the puppies stay inside their home. The owner Joline is actually a co-founder of Pomsky Club of America.

Early Training

Because Arctic Design Pomskies’ puppies are raised in the home good manners and early training with positive reinforcement. Early puppy training can help future owners avoid behavioral issues down the road.

Temperament and Personalities

Its worth noting any puppy purchase should start with dialogue early on in the process. Always ask questions and have the breeder tell you about the parent of the puppy you are interested in. Arctic Design Pomskies encourage this and they start ranging the temperaments of their puppies early on. This allows them to select which Pomsky puppies will further the breed and also helps match each of their puppies with their new forever homes.

Pomsky Traits

While they do try their best no one can guarantee that a puppy will have certain “desired” traits.  Deposits don’t guarantee certain markings and sizes. They do understand that this is something weighed in most puppy buying decisions. Pomsky puppies are priced according to their traits. Typically the puppies with the most desired traits will be more (markings, coat quality, blue eyes, etc.).

By putting down a deposit potential buyers get on their waiting list. This means that you will have the opportunity to pick a puppy from their litter. The person that deposited first will be first on the waiting list to choose their puppy and so on. They do offer people that put down deposits the option to pass. If you decide to do this you will have to wait for the next litter. This can be done up to 5 times. If you haven’t picked your Pomsky puppy be then your deposit will expire. They keep their waiting list short and you can get in touch with them for more information on purchasing a puppy.

Pomsky Pricing

Their puppies range from $2,000 to $5,000. If you want to reserve a puppy or get on their waiting list there is a $500 deposit. The balance owed will need to be paid when the Pomsky puppy reaches 6 weeks. The deposit is non refundable unless no future puppies are available.

Health Guarantee

Arctic Design Pomskies does provide a 2 year health guarantee. All of their Pomskies are up to date on shots before they go to their forever homes. This includes a health certificate.


They always prefer meeting their puppies new owners but understand that sometimes flying is the only way to go. Each puppy, driving or flying, comes with a crate. Crate training is always a good idea and they encourage this. If you  do need to have your puppy flown in their is an additional $350. They will take care of everything needed to get your new puppy to a local airport. The new owners will only need to go pick up their Pomsky and provide ID.