Project Description

Acacia Pomsky Puppies

Acacia Pomsky Puppies is located in Northern California and was founded in 2015. They pride themselves on breeding healthy and happy puppies with good temperaments. This breeder is also a member of Pomsky Owners Association. They uphold a strict standard when breeding and raising their Pomeranian Huskies. All of their Pomskies are treated as part of the family.


Most Pomsky breeders base their puppy prices on physical attributes and size. Coat quality, mask, markings, eye color, and other considerations determine the price of the puppy. Acacia Pomsky Puppies’ price range is between $2000 to $3000. They did not specify how they set their prices at the time of this listing. As a general rule, the most desirable puppy traits put the price on the high end. For example, Pomsky puppies with perfect mask and blue eyes that are on the smaller side would likely be higher in price.

Waiting List

Acacia Pomsky Puppies don’t accept until the puppies are between 3-4 weeks old. At this time they can estimate how large the puppy will be fully grown and the quality of their coat. There is a non-refundable deposit for those interested in adopting a Pomsky puppy. Simply fill out an application and place a non-refundable 50% deposit on the desired puppy. Once the puppy is 7 weeks old final payment of the remaining 50% will be due. Around this time they will make arrangements to send the puppy home at 8 weeks. Please check their Facebook page to stay updated on available litters.


This breeder offers to ship in the United States. The shipping fee is $500. Acacia Pomsky Puppies does offer Pet Nanny Services for around $650 but can vary based on location. All Pomsky puppies come with a crate and are shipped de-wormed, micro-chipped, up to date on all shots, and have a health certificate for travel. If the puppy isn’t able to be picked up or shipped by the 9th week Acacia Pomsky Puppies charges $75 a week. If the puppy is still in their care by the 12th week you will lose your deposit. The puppy would also be made available to another client. Contracts can be changed in special circumstances. Please get in touch with them to find out more information.


This breeder treats all of their Pomskies like family. They follow a code of ethics in their breeding process ensuring healthy and happy puppies. Acacia Pomsky Puppies also reserves the right to keep any Pomsky puppy for future breeding.

What if I Want to Breed Pomskies?

They have a strict spayed/neuter contract. Additional information was not provided. Please get in touch with Acacia Pomsky Puppies for additional breeding rights information or questions.