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Pomsky Puppies For Sale – February 2017

Pomsky Puppies For Sale For the Month of February 2017 During this chilly month we have some great Pomsky puppies available! We are including pictures of the available Pomsky puppies below with additional information. Please get in touch with each Pomsky breeder through the provided links or be visiting their Facebook page for additional information. [...]

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6 Tricks To Teach Your New Pomsky

Here are 6 Tricks to Teach Your New Pomsky Pomskies are highly intelligent and are fairly easy to train if you can keep their attention! Today we'll be going over the top 6 tricks to teach your new Pomsky. These tricks are great to start younger and older dogs on also. Ok let's start. Pick [...]

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Top 5 Dog Boots For Pomskies

Here are the Top 5 Dog Boots For Pomskies The cold weather that comes this time of the year can have your Pomsky (or any dog) with paws in the snow. We've put together a list of the best dog boots for your Pomsky. These boots are also great for helping your dog with traction. We've based [...]

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Top 5 Dog Hoodies For Your Pomsky

Here are the Top 5 Dog Hoodies For Your Pomsky With Winter almost here you may be inclined to dress your Pomsky up. Their double coats do protect them from the cold but this is also a great time to let your Pomskies play in style on those cold days. Today we'll be going over [...]

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Husky Pom Mix

The Meaning of Husky Pom Mix The Pomsky dog breed has many different names. You'll often hear "Pomsky" and "Pomeranian Husky" the most often. Occassionally you'll hear the term Husky Pom Mix. This simply is another iteration of the other Pomsky terms. The Husky Pom mix is a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky hybrid. The male [...]

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5 Great Pomsky Christmas Gift Ideas

Here Are 5 Great Pomsky Christmas Gift Ideas Christmas is just around the corner. We've put together some great gift ideas for your Pomsky this holiday season. Make sure your pet has some stocking stuffers to enjoy Christmas day. These aren't in any particular order and are all great Pomsky Christmas gift ideas. Let's [...]

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Is Artificial Insemination Always Required When Pomsky Breeding?

Question - Is Artificial Insemination Always Required When Pomsky Breeding? If you've been looking to buy a Pomsky you have probably seen the words artificial insemination when describing how their are bred. So when asked is Artificial Insemination always required when Pomsky breeding the short answer is no. The general answer is "it depends". Let's dive into the [...]

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