Check out Pomsky Breeders approved by Pomsky Club of America and remember to always be on the look out for scammers. These breeders are a good place to start when looking for your forever friend.

Smoky Mountain Pomskies


Smoky Mountain Pomskies Smoky Mountain Pomskies is a family owned breeder located near Nashville, TN. This Pomeranian Husky breeder opened it's doors in November 2014 and is registered with Pomsky Club of America. All breeders registered with PCA must follow strict guidelines to ensure healthy Pomsky puppies. This way you know their puppies are bred with the [...]

Vaca Valley Pomskies


Vaca Valley Pomskies Vaca Valley Pomskies is located between San Francisco and Sacramento California. This Pomsky breeder's Facebook page was created on February 19, 2014. This Pomeranian Husky breeder also claims to be the first in the world to successfully breed a Pomsky with a Pomsky. They are registered with Pomsky Club of America. [...]

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