Check out Pomsky Breeders approved by Pomsky Club of America and remember to always be on the look out for scammers. These breeders are a good place to start when looking for your forever friend.

Apex Pomskies


Apex Pomskies Apex Pomskies is very thorough in providing accurate detailed information to their customers. I love how they are very upfront about their mix ratios and the pricing. Apex Pomskies is very knowledgeable on pomskies and use the safest measures when breeding. This ensures low stress birthing and healthy puppies. They take [...]

Arctic Design Pomskies


Arctic Design Pomskies If you are looking for a personal hands on experience when buying a Pomsky Arctic Design Pomskies might be just the place for you. They take the time to carefully plan their breeding and focus on personality and health of their puppies. Their dedication to furthering the Pomsky breed is [...]

Middle Tennessee Pomskies


Middle Tennessee Pomskies This breeder is very good about updating their Facebook fanpage. They seem to fill up rather quickly on the waiting list. I've even seen them post ultrasound photos when Pomsky pups are on the way. Middle Tennessee Pomskies as a breeder are very committed to getting photos and videos of [...]

Northern California Pomskies


Northern California Pomskies This Pomsky breeder has over 13 years experience in the canine industry. They are based in Grass Valley, CA on a six acre ranch and breed their Pomskies in home. Breeding for them is a family affair with every member closely involved in the process. The owner has done extensive [...]

Paramount Pomskies


Paramount Pomskies This small family oriented Pomsky breeder is located just outside of Nashville, TN. Paramount Pomskies is registered with Pomsky Club of America and adheres to a strict code of ethics. They practice the safest methods when it comes to breeding. This ensures happy healthy puppies that will be great forever friends. [...]

Portland Pomskies


Portland Pomskies Portland Pomskies is located in Portland, Oregon on 8 acres. This provides plenty of room for Pomskies to run around. Their Facebook page was founded in 2015 and is updated regularly. They are registered with Pomsky Club of America which means they follow strict guidelines to ensure healthy puppies. They breed both [...]

Patriot Pomskies


Patriot Pomskies Patriot Pomskies is located in Strafford, Missouri and is a proud member of the Pomsky Club of America. They are a reputable breeder with a Facebook page that is updated regularly. Below you will find all the Pomsky information we could find on this breeder. You can go to there Facebook [...]

Precious Pomskies


Precious Pomskies Located in Topeka, Kansas Precious Pomskies has a breeding program dedicated to providing well tempered and healthy Pomsky puppies. They are registered with Pomsky Club of America and follow a strict code of ethics. Those interested in getting a Pomsky puppy from them should check their Facebook page often for litter updates. Their updates are [...]

Pure Pomskies


Pure Pomskies Located in Thatcher, Arizona this breeder is registered with Pomsky Club of America. They have a Facebook page where you can get in touch with the owners about current litters and general information. Their Facebook page is a bit limited on information so you will need to get in contact with [...]

Rose Peek Pomskies


Rose Peek Pomskies Rose Peek Pomskies is a small family owned breeder based in Prescott, AZ. They are a family owned kennel registered with Pomsky Club of America. When a breeder is registered with this exclusive club they have to follow a strict code of ethics. This ensures the best breeding practices and healthy [...]

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