Top 5 Pomsky Halloween Costumes

//Top 5 Pomsky Halloween Costumes
  • Top 5 Pomsky Halloween Costumes

Top 5 Pomsky Halloween Costumes

Here Are The Top 5 Pomsky Halloween Costumes

It’s October and time to dress our friends up for Halloween! If you are looking for a great get up for your Pomsky take a look below at our top 5 Pomsky Halloween Costumes. We are going to include pictures and some information on why we picked each dog costume.

5. Halloween Bootique Bumble Bee Dog Hoodie

It all the “BUZZ” when it comes to a colorfully vivid costume for Halloween. This costume has great detail and is comfortable for you dog. It has hood and sleeves with a hoodie.

On the back of the hoodie there is wings and a stinger so make sure your Pomsky doesn’t back up TOO FAST. This dog costume is a great choice and our number 5 in the list.

Bumble Bee Dog Costume
Dog Prisoner Halloween Costume

4. Pug-shot Prison Dog Costume

If your pet has stolen your heart they may have to take a Pug shot. This is a very comfortable costume for your dog. You may have to bail them out for good behavior.

This costume comes with a prisoner’s hat that is adjustable and a prison patch on the back. There is also a mug shot charge banner with a Velcro closure. A great choice and our number 4 on the list.

3. Candy Corn Hat with Tutu Dog Costume

This is a SWEET costume for any dog breed. Included in this costume is a tutu skirt, hat and has an elastic waistband for a custom fit. Let your pet show off their bright and colorful costume.

Dress your Pomsky up to impress with this beautiful Tutu dog costume that comes with a hat. This is our number 3 choice for great Halloween dog costumes.

Candy Corn Hat with Tutu Dog Costume
Pumpkin Dog Costume

2. Pumpkin Dog Costume

Let your dog dress up in this bright pumpkin dog costume. This is a great way to let your dog really steal the show. Skip the tricks and let them go straight for treats!

We wanted to include a dog costume that really shined. What is more appropriate than dressing your pet up like a pumpkin? This is our number two dog Halloween costume.

1. Muscle Mutt Dog Costume

Let your dog save the day with this great muscle mutt dog costume. You can’t help but love the superhero persona your pet shows off in this outfit. Your dog can show off their muscle torso and cape.

We had to list this funny and cute superhero dog costume as our number one pick. It comes with a detachable cape that is attached with Velcro. It isn’t everyday you can say your dog was a superhero.

Muscle Mutt Dog Halloween Costume


These are our top picks for your Pomsky Halloween Costumes for October 2016. If you decide to purchase any of these please be sure and measure your pet to ensure you get the correct size. Thanks for reading our top 5 Pomsky Halloween costumes and for all your Pomsky information check back with us at Pomsky Pals.

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