Do Pomskies Shed?

//Do Pomskies Shed?
  • Do Pomskies Shed?

Do Pomskies Shed?

So How Much Do Pomskies Shed?

The Pomsky is a small version of a Siberian Husky. Its smaller size is due to its other parent breed the Pomeranian. Both of the parent breeds of the Pomsky have double coats. The Siberian Husky in particular is known for shedding but do Pomskies shed? The answer is yes they do shed and quite a bit.

Pomskies are heavy shedders. Now keep in mind that while they may shed heavily during certain times of the year they are only 10 to 25lbs on average. There isn’t that much Pomsky to shed! The Pomsky takes after the Siberian Husky more in the shedding department. It is a good idea to brush your Pomsky once or twice a day to cut down on the shedding.

How Often Do Pomskies Shed?

Pomskies will shed twice a year. Their shedding will last about 3 months for each cycle. You can help minimize shedding by brushing your Pomsky twice a day. Buy a brush with long stainless teeth to help remove the dead hair from the coat. You can also help keep less hair around your home and on your couch by brushing often. Your dog will most likely welcome these brushing sessions.

After brushing be sure to sweep up or vacuum your dog’s hair. I recommend brushing your pet on a towel or on hardwood floors. This will create an easier clean up area than carpet. If you have to brush on a couch or carpet use a lint brush to remove the excess hair after brushing.

Why Do Dogs Shed?

Shedding is normal for all dogs to a certain extent. The breed/health of your dog will influence how much shedding is done and how frequently. Some dogs will shed more seasonally. This is because their thick coats are needed for the winter. They then shed for the warmer Spring. This is a cycle that will happen usually twice a year for certain breeds. Did you know that most dogs that spend all their time indoors shed all year? They will also have less noteably shedding events.

Should I Shave My Dog?

This question comes up a good bit and the answer is “it depends”. For a lot of breeds (that don’t have double coats) shaving their during the hotter months in hotter climates can help keep them cool. For double coated breeds and Pomskies it is not a good idea. Remember your Pomsky takes after the Siberian Husky when it comes to their double coat. Like Huskies, Pomskies should be kept out of hotter environments due to their double coats. Here is more information on Why You Shouldn’t Shave Your Double Coated Dog.


Choosing the best dog breed for you family includes grooming considerations. If you want a dog with easy coat upkeep and minimal shedding then the Pomsky isn’t going to be the best choice. Remember Pomskies shed a lot and need their coat to be groomed and brushed often. Try and brush at least once a week and keep a lint brush around for easy clean up. If you do decide to go with a Pomsky puppy also remember to keep them inside in hotter climates. For more information about the Pomsky and breeder updates be sure to check back with us at Pomsky Pals.

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