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Pomsky Pals is a site where you can get more information on the Pomsky. We provide guides, reputable breeder information, and supplies.

5 Things Not To Bring To The Dog Park

Here Are 5 Things Not To Bring To The Dog Park Some people enjoy bringing their best friends to the dog park. They do this to help socialize, excersize and play with there canine companions. While this is a great idea certain measures need to be taken to ensure a safe and fun trip for all [...]

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5 Tips To Save Money On Dog Training

Here Are 5 Tips To Save Money On Dog Training Some of us have trouble getting our dog trained by ourselves. We either lack the knowledge or experience to properly train our pet. Dog training is not only great for puppies but can help any dog with certain issues. Today we've put together these 5 [...]

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How to Lower Your Dog’s Anxiety

Here Are Some Great Tips On How To Lower Your Dog's Anxiety Our four legged friends can often go through some really hard times. We as owners try to find effective ways to deal with dog anxiety. Canine fear and stress signs can be shown many different ways. Drooling, licking lips, trembling, freezing in place, [...]

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How Rare Are Dogs With Green Eyes?

Ever Ask How Rare Are Dogs With Green Eyes? If you have been looking through our Pomsky puppies for sale pages or have been a Pomeranian Husky enthusiast you may notice that sometimes they have one or two green eyes. This color is rare even in Pomskies. Different dog breeds often show consistent eye colors (particularly [...]

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Top 5 Dog Ramps and Steps

Here are the Top 5 Dog Ramps and Steps Pomskies and other small to medium size breeds can have trouble getting on a bed (or even higher couches). We have put together a list of the most popular dog ramps and steps. These will help your Pomsky or any smaller breed dog get on [...]

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Pomsky Puppies For Sale – February 2017

Pomsky Puppies For Sale For the Month of February 2017 During this chilly month we have some great Pomsky puppies available! We are including pictures of the available Pomsky puppies below with additional information. Please get in touch with each Pomsky breeder through the provided links or be visiting their Facebook page for additional information. [...]

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5 Great Games For Dogs

Great Games For Dogs That Your Pet Will Love On more than one occasion we will look at our furry friends and notice they can get bored. Dog's are very intelligent and often the side effect of their intelligence is boredom. Some of you pet owners may even notice that if you don't do regular [...]

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6 Tricks To Teach Your New Pomsky

Here are 6 Tricks to Teach Your New Pomsky Pomskies are highly intelligent and are fairly easy to train if you can keep their attention! Today we'll be going over the top 6 tricks to teach your new Pomsky. These tricks are great to start younger and older dogs on also. Ok let's start. Pick [...]

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